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In archaic art he was portrayed as a full-grown and bearded man, clothed in a long chiton, and often wearing a cap Kvvij or a broad-brimmed hat 74Tao-os , and winged boots. He was arrested on the spot, and when his lodgings were searched a quantity of powder and shot was found, with the rules of a secret society, called" Young England,"whose members were pledged to meet," carrying swords and pistols and wearing crape masks.

In the spring of he went for the last time to England, about a dispensation from wearing his canonical dress, obtained originally from Julius II. In he went with the king to Scotland, and aroused hostility by wearing the surplice. By a decree of the 19th of March every person accused of taking part in the counter-revolutionary revolts, or of wearing the white cockade the royalist emblem , was declared an outlaw. The common soldiers were promoted for acts of daring, and the children of chiefs were regularly trained to war, and initiated by being sent into battle with veterans, with whose aid the youth took his first prisoner, but his future rise depended on how many captives he took unaided in fight with warlike enemies; by such feats he gained the dignity of wearing coloured blankets, tassels and lip-jewels, and reached such military titles as that of " guiding eagle.

He is represented sometimes as a young, sometimes as an old man, wearing a mask, and carrying a fool's bauble. His many interests ended by wearing out even his robust constitution, and he died at Paris on the 10th of November As illustrating this process Father Braun p. The former were so named from living at ease and the latter from wearing long hair. Marcionem, his main anti-Gnostic work in the third form - the first of the five was written in , Ad Scapulam an admonition to the persecuting proconsul of Africa, written soon after , De pallio a defence of his wearing the pallium instead of the toga , Adv.

The combination of Osiris and the Apis bull which was found in the dead Apis was thus a most politic choice in naming the new divinity, whose figure represented a god of the underworld wearing an emblem of fruitfulness. Among the prehistoric people are many female skeletons with a fractured right ulna sustained in warding off blows, and some of these women had died while still wearing splints.

Blackie was a Radical and Scottish nationalist in politics, but of a fearlessly independent type; he was one of the "characters" of the Edinburgh of the day, and was a well-known figure as he went about in his plaid, worn shepherd-wise, wearing a broadbrimmed hat, and carrying a big stick. The wearing of the ancient costumes was forbidden by the ukaz of the 4th of January ; thenceforth Saxon or Magyar jackets and French or German hose were prescribed. Wearing her rich attire, and accompanied by her maid, who carries a bag of provisions, she goes over to the hostile camp, where she is at once conducted to the general, whose suspicions are disarmed by the tales she invents.

Jeanette is the converse of jean, being a twill of "two ends up to one down"; the diagonal passes from selvage to selvage at a greater angle than 45 degrees and the warp makes the wearing surface. On the north and west borders of this plain are two parts of a chain of semi-detached and usually rounded hills, known as the South Mountains.

The monks were, strictly speaking, penitents wearing the cowl, and not allowed to take a part in church government. It seems likely enough therefore that there should grow up bodies of knights banded together by engagements of fidelity, although free from monastic obligations; wearing a uniform or livery, and naming themselves after some special symbol or some patron saint of their adoption.

In all probability the surplice is no more than an expansion of the ordinary liturgical alb, due to the necessity for wearing it over thick furs. The amice was worn first simply as a shoulder-cloth, but at the end of the 9th century the custom grew up of putting it on over the head and of wearing it as a hood, either while the other vestments were being put on or, according to the various uses of local churches, during part of the Mass, though never during the canon.

What are you wearing today?

That for the thin-walled water mains must combine strength with the fluidity needed to enable it to run freely into its narrow moulds; that for most machinery must be soft enough to be cut easily to an exact shape; that for hydraulic cylinders must combine strength with density lest the water leak through; and that for car-wheels must be intensely hard in its wearing parts, but in its other parts it must have that shock-resisting power which can be had only along with great softness.

It was, historically, only a personal nickname of Geoffrey, as was " Beauclerc " of his father-in-law Henry I. Being frequently under the necessity of wearing shabby coats and dirty shirts, he became a confirmed sloven. Ammon is figured of human form, wearing on his head a plain deep circlet from which rise two straight parallel plumes, perhaps representing the tail feathers of a hawk. His consort was sometimes called Amaune feminine of Amun , but more usually mother ": she was human-headed, wearing the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt, and their son was Khons Chon or Chons , a lunar god, represented as a youth wearing the crescent and disk of the moon.

The most celebrated statue of Hera was the chryselephantine work of Polyclitus, made for the Heraeum at Argos soon after s.

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It is fully described by Pausanias, who says that Hera was seated on a throne, wearing a crown crTEg5avos , and carrying a sceptre in one hand and a pomegranate in the other. As such he is represented as a youthful god, wearing a skull-cap surmounted by the moon. He discharged his duties with so much spirit and so conscientiously that he ultimately gained the esteem of Frederick William, who no longer feared that he would leave the crown to one unworthy of wearing it. An interesting, rather fantastic, portrait of a blonde girl wearing a wide cap, now in the Berlin museum, is dated and may have been done in the early months of that year at Venice.

For the chief rivers see the separate articles on them, and also the section on the physical features in the article on the different shires of Scotland. The topography of the country being the result of prolonged denudation, it is reasonable to infer that the oldest surfaces likely to be preserved are portions of some of the platforms of erosion successively established by the wearing down of the land to the sea-level.

In some districts there are peculiar customs, such as the wearing of small silver nose-rings, seen in El-Jofra. Together with costume it is necessary to study the methods of wearing the hair, for each race adopts a different method. The wearing of whiskers while shaving the chin was a Mogul fashion of the 17th and 18th centuries and is now seldom seen except among Deccani Mahommedans.

It was formerly fastened with strings, but now with the ghundi the old form of button and tukmah or loop. In southern India, Gujarat and in the United Provinces the arid is much the same as to length and fit as the English shirt; as the traveller goes northward from Delhi to the Afghan border he sees the kurta becoming longer and looser till he finds the Pathan wearing it almost to his ankles, with very full wide sleeves. As a general rule the wearing of paijamas is the chief distinction between Mussulman and Hindu women.

Another style is wearing it in a knot after the ancient Grecian fashion; it is always worn smooth in front and parted in the middle. When the Parsis were first admitted into India, certain conditions were imposed upon them by the Hindus; among others they were not to eat beef, and they were to follow the Hindu custom of wearing a top-knot of hair. The merest suspicion of unorthodox opinions, the possession of foreign newspapers, the wearing of a beard or an anonymous denunciation, sufficed for the arrest and condemnation of a man to years of imprisonment, while the attendibili, or persons under police surveillance liable to imprisonment without trial at any moment, numbered 50, The manufacturing industry consists mainly in preparing agricultural products for market, and in the production by the natives of wearing apparel, furniture, household utensils, and other articles required to supply their primitive wants.

In the following year, Mandi was menaced by a far more dangerous revolt, led by a sectary, known generally as Mokanna, or "the veiled one," because he always appeared in public wearing a mask. The family library, family pictures, school books, a seat or pew in a house of worship, a lot in a burial ground, necessary wearing apparel, a limited amount of furniture and household utensils, some of a farmer's domestic animals and agricultural implements, and the wages of a labouring man who is a householder are exempt from levy or distress.

Schiele has invented a pivot which preserves its original figure by wearing equally at all points in a direction parallel to its axis. Chief amongst these are the Brahmans who minister for" unclean "Sudras and lower castes, including the makers and dealers in spirituous liquors; as well as those who officiate at the great public shrines or places of pilgrimage where they might be liable to accept forbidden gifts, and, as a matter of fact, often amass considerable wealth; and those who officiate as paid priests at cremations and funeral rites, when the wearing apparel and bedding of the deceased are not unfrequently claimed by them as their perquisites.

Those of the latter are in the habit of smearing their bodies with ashes, and wearing a tiger-skin and a necklace or rosary of rudraksha berries Elaeocarpus Ganitrus, lit. Kali, on the other hand, the most terrible of the goddess's forms, has a special service performed to her, at the Kali-puja, during the darkest night of the succeeding month; when she is represented as a naked black woman, four-armed, wearing a garland of heads of giants slain by her, and a string of skulls round her neck, dancing on the breast of her husband Mahakala , with gaping mouth and protruding tongue; and when she has to be propitiated by the slaughter of goats, sheep and buffaloes.

The custom of wearing the cassock under the vestments is traceable in England to about the year His earliest championship of protection was a resolution introduced by him in the Kentucky legislature which favoured the wearing by its members of home-made clothes; and one in the United States Senate April , on behalf of home-grown and home-made supplies for the United States navy, but only to the point of making the nation independent of foreign supply.

Thus wearing a black and a white silk stocking one over the other, he found they were electrified oppositely when rubbed and drawn off, and that such a rubbed silk stocking when deposited in a Leyden jar gave up its electrification to the jar Phil. But in spite of du Junca's emphasis on the mask, it is in reality very questionable whether the wearing of a mask was an unusual practice. In Aeschylus, the Erinyes are represented as awful, Gorgon-like women, wearing long black robes, with snaky locks, bloodshot eyes and claw-like nails. There is a thin close-woven cloth made and used as garments among the females of the aboriginal tribes near the foot of the Himalayas, and in various localities a cloth of pure jute or of jute mixed with cotton is used as a sheet to sleep on, as well as for wearing purposes.

In earlier days, when Chile had less competition in the production of wheat, flour mills were to be found everywhere in the wheat-producing provinces, and flour was one of the leading exports. The men and unmarried girls go practically naked, the married women wearing a goatskin dyed red. The vicuna also is celebrated for its wool, which the natives weave into beautiful and costly ponchos blanket cloaks and other wearing apparel. Anne spent the rest of her life happily in England at Richmond or Bletchingley, occasionally visiting the court, and being described as joyous as ever, and wearing new dresses every day!

That the men of the Quaternary period knew the savage art of producing fire by friction, and roasted the flesh on which they mainly subsisted, is proved by the fragments of charcoal found in the cave deposits, where also occur bone awls and needles, which indicate the wearing of skin clothing, like that of the modern Australians and Fuegians.

The possessor of one of these is allowed to appear in the royal presence wearing it instead of having one shoulder bared, as is the usual Abyssinian method of showing respect.

Another aspect of her character is that of a warlike goddess, armed with spear or bow, sometimes wearing a mural crown, as sovereign lady and protectress of the locality where she was worshipped. In a level country like Bengal, where the soil is composed of yielding and loose materials, the courses of the rivers are continually shifting from the wearing away of their different banks, or from the water being turned off by obstacles in its course into a different channel. Russians of the Lipovan sect live in exile in Bucharest and other cities, earning a livelihood as cab-drivers, and wearing the long coats and round caps of their countrymen.

In works of art Hygieia is represented, together with Asclepius, as a maiden of benevolent appearance, wearing the chiton and giving food or drink to a serpent out of a dish. The connexion many of them had with the church was of the slenderest kind, consisting mainly in adopting the name of abbe, after a remarkably moderate course of theological study, practising celibacy and wearing a distinctive dress - a short dark-violet coat with narrow collar. Among the manufactures are wearing apparel, silk, glass, and silver ware.

They are distinguished by the wearing of a white turban, emblematic of the purity of their life.

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This is expressed on the Horologium of Andronicus Cyrrhestes, called the Temple or Tower of the Winds, at Athens, where Boreas is represented as a bearded man of stern aspect, thickly clad, and wearing strong buskins; he blows into a conch shell, which he holds in his hand as a sign of his tempestuous character. A number of young girls, between five and ten years of age, wearing a bear-skin afterwards a saffron-coloured robe danced a bear-dance, called apKTEia, the girls themselves being called ecpKToc.

In one account, a maiden was ordered to be sacrificed to the bear Artemis, but a certain man who had a goat called it his daughter and offered it up in secret, just as at Munychium a fawn dressed up as a girl was sacrificed to the goddess. In later art they approach the model of Artemis, wearing a thin dress, girt high for speed; while on the later painted vases their dress is often peculiarly Persian - that is, close-fitting trousers and a high cap called the kidaris. Notwithstanding his vices and his lack of all solid capacity, there is no reason to suppose that Napper Tandy was dishonest or insincere; and the manner in which his name was introduced in the well-known ballad, "The Wearing of the Green," proves that he succeeded in impressing the popular imagination of the rebel party in Ireland.

Demosthenes was choragus of his tribe, and was wearing the robe of that sacred office at the great festival in the theatre of Dionysus, when Midias struck him on the face. He held a parliament at Trim which made one law against men of English race wearing moustaches, lest they should be mistaken for Irishmen, and another obliging the sons of agricultural labourers to follow their father's vocation under pain of fine and imprisonment.

The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.

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Home Sentences wearing. He was wearing his poker face. I see you're not wearing black today. Anyway, what's so terrible about a woman wearing pants? He was wearing a hoodie and dressed in black, including gloves. I'm wearing her underthings, too. It was a good thing he was wearing that big belt buckle. What kind of perfume are you wearing , it's wonderful. He was wearing a hooded sweat shirt and gloves. Whatever Alex was wearing , Jonathan was usually dressed the same.

You're not wearing any underwear. It was comfortable, like wearing pajamas all day long. What he was wearing. What about the clothes you were wearing? But just for what you're wearing. At least she wasn't wearing the Annie Quincy white dress. She took off the pair she was wearing. Elisabeth appeared at the top of the stairs wearing his shirt.

These men aren't wearing Western uniforms for their health. The guys we're running into are wearing uniforms from the war era. Remind me never to ask your opinion on what I'm wearing. He was here when I came back from your house wearing your shirt. I'm wearing boots and I know to watch out for snakes. Alex hadn't been wearing the pants lately. Charles was half dressed, wearing sweats only. I have no idea what other people will be wearing.

Do you think what I'm wearing is … proper? Which meant, he was wearing it.

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He was wearing it now, but he had to take it off sometime. I'm wearing my bikini under this. They're the ones who want the necklace you're wearing. The weft surface is the face or wearing surface of the cloth. The production was done in our own music studio. This allowed us to explore the almost infinite range of possibilities that technology can provide. Without the limitations of traditional band, we have spared no effort or time on experimentation and research for new sounds.

Fleeing from the limitations of the guitar-bass-drums triad, we used instruments such as sitar, dulcimer and several other unconventional string, wind and percussion instruments. The recordings included Gilber T. Mastered by Chris Hanzsek. Skip to content. The Music The first bars already shows an escape from the conventional.

Who Are You Wearing?

What Are You Wearing? What Are You Wearing?
What Are You Wearing? What Are You Wearing?
What Are You Wearing? What Are You Wearing?
What Are You Wearing? What Are You Wearing?
What Are You Wearing? What Are You Wearing?
What Are You Wearing? What Are You Wearing?
What Are You Wearing? What Are You Wearing?

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