Voyager Tarot Companion: Magical Verses For A Magnificent Voyage

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The page booklet provides insightful interpretations and instructions. Which goddess are you? Golden Aphrodite, spirit of love and sexuality? Demeter, with her strong and powerful mother energy?

HYP-TALKS - James Wanless, PH.D.- Voyager Tarot

Or Hecate the wise, Kali the creator, or Athena the just? Boxed set includes deck and book. In learning about goddesses from different cultures, we can recognize these archetypes as parts of ourselves, allowing us a clearer vision of our strengths and weaknesses and giving us a common thread, a link to the collective unconscious. Susan Seddon Boulet's magnificent goddess paintings have long been favored by mythologists and art lovers alike, and with Michael Babcock's insightful text, they offer a brilliant vision of the worldwide pantheon of goddesses.

Designed especially for the fast-paced lifestyle of today's goddesses all women are goddesses. It is small enough to fit anywhere and light enough to be carried everywhere. Contains card deck and booklet. The distinctive deck and book set offers insights and guidance for handling the challenges that face you, and techniques for developing all areas of your self and your life. The deck is comprised of 52 cards, each representing a different energy or aspect of the feminine wisdom. The page companion book provides an original poem, mythological background, card meaning, and suggested ritual for each Goddess card.

The Goddess Oracle can help you understand where you are, where you are headed, and what you need for the journey. Yet, with the coming of new religions, the Feminine Divine became feared, disrespected, and almost lost to the world. Again, She rises! Featuring beautiful yet practical spells and original invocations as well as a full explanation of each Goddess' history and influence, this deck invites you to rediscover the oldest energy, that of the Feminine.

Connect with the power energies of the Feminine; Utilize these ancient energies to solve modern problems; Allow the Goddesses' great creativity, love, strength, and joy to inspire you forward every day of your life. Boxed set includes 38 cards and detailed, page guidebook. Yet with the passing of time, this sacred union was lost.

It's now time to restore the balance! Featuring tried and tested invocations and spells as well as a full explanation of each God's attributes and influence, this deck invites you to come back to a time when Gods really were Gods! The masculine divine in all its forms and glory has returned. Reconnect with the authentic powers of the masculine; Utilize these ancient energies to solve modern problems; and Allow the Gods' strength, action, compassion, and protective love to flow through your life. The time has come to experience again what the real Masculine Divine is about!

Set includes 36 cards and a detailed guidebook. Was she a goddess or a flesh-and-blood woman? To some she was the first witch, to others the leader of a resistance movement, and to still more, a wise teacher with female disciples. A spiritual mentor and a powerful role model for women to aspire to, Aradia travelled throughout medieval Italy and Europe teaching the ways of the Divine Feminine.

Through this exquisitely illustrated deck, you will walk hand in hand, heart to heart with Aradia, and be guided into the rich sacred world of her Gospel. It is a journey to rediscover, strengthen, and empower the real you, as you connect with the inspiring stories that form her legacy. Aradia's truth, compassion, and ancient wisdom have the power to transform our greatest fears into love, and our most worrying obstacles into opportunities for growth and joy.

Step into the world of stregoneria - the ancient Italian witchcraft tradition - and connect with those who have danced under the moonlight with flowers in their hair and risked everything to remain true to themselves. Let your wild, divine self out to play? Come, take the hand of Aradia and dance Set contains 34 oracle cards and guidebook. Each has an oracular voice, as do the nature spirits, devas, and deities associated with them. Trees speak to us of living in balance with all of life.

People often refer to their "roots," the "fruits" of their labor, trees of wisdom, trees of good and evil. Abused women in Greek mythology are rescued by being turned into trees; children are both from them; gods like Osiris entombed in them; sacred fire struck from them; the voice of Moses' deity came from one. We plant a tree to celebrate a wedding, a birth, or to mourn a death.

Humankind has always sensed the presence of spirits, or "otherness," around trees. This oracle gives voice to their rich, caring insights. A beautifully designed deck of 33 cards offers access to these mysterious realms. Boxed set also contains a page companion book. Through these cards, the Angels offer wisdom for all who seek a deeper truth along with clarity, inspiration, guidance, and healing. Boxed set includes 46 heart-shaped cards.

Festivals of the Dead, like Halloween, have been celebrated for thousands of years across many different world cultures. They serve to honor those who have passed and to celebrate death as a natural part of life and an opportunity to welcome in a new beginning. During Samhain, the ancient Celtic festival from which Halloween originates, the veil between this world and the next was believed to be at its thinnest and so, since the very beginning, Halloween has been an occasion for effective and potent divination: a chance to connect with "the other side" or get a glimpse into your future.

Now you can harness the eerie power of Halloween every night of the year, encountering black cats, vampires, zombies, witches, werewolves, hack-o'-lanterns, skeletons, mummies, and characters from the Mexican Day of the Dead tradition including Lady de los Muertos, exquisite candy skulls, and more! Each of the 36 richly-illustrated cards has an accompanying meaning in the guidebook that features rhyming couplets like those used in ancient storytelling as well as a message of divination for you based on an aspect of Halloween tradition. Boxed set includes guidebook and card set.

Featuring 55 cards, Healing Angel Cards allow you to gain daily inspiration and insight for all aspects of your life. Box contains card deck. With the help of your angels and animal guides, use these 42 beautiful art cards and the companion guide to lead you to a better understanding of what makes you truly unique. Find inspiration to begin identifying and healing blocked chakras with a fun, delightful approach. Instilled with such powerful energy, these cards instantly give you the feeling of being inspired by angels, filled with the healing energy of love and light to help you on your path to happiness.

Experience healing in a most spectacular way as you reach your goals to becoming a new, healthier you. Boxed set includes releasing energy and intentions to become a healthier you. Angels, animal guides, Kundalini, color therapy, Reiki healing, gemstones, and more are featured. Weiss, M. Weiss, MD, the bestselling author of Many Lives, Many Masters, brings you 50 cards that will help you heal your body, mind, and soul.

The wisdom you receive from these beautifully illustrated cards will give you the impetus to keep moving forward on your spiritual path with confidence and compassion. These cards are a lovely gift for the loved ones in your life, including you! Boxed set includes card deck and booklet. Answering questions on love, life, and the impermanence of our physical existence, they provide nourishment and inspiration for mind, body, and spirit. Boxed set includes 54 heart-shaped cards. The Heart of Faerie Oracle box set contains 68 oracle cards illustrated by Brian Froud, and an accompanying guidebook written by Wendy Froud.

The package features many enchanting faerie images, such as the Queen of the Golden Bough and the Temptation. The page illustrated book describes the emotional and practical nature of the cards and offers a variety of techniques for using the set, opening the door into the Faerie Realm as never before. Based on the divination of the Yin masculine and Yang feminine through 64 six-line figures, these hexagrams represent all possible changes in the universe and mankind.

The I Ching has influenced the lives of millions; and now you, too, can be blessed by the dragon Yin and peacock Yang symbolizing good luck. By simply turning eight interconnecting I Ching wheels containing 8 hexagrams each, read the associated meanings. Discover an understanding of your past, present, future, ambitions, desires, hopes, dreams, strength, and your question outcomes. A center piece including eight special figures used in Feng Shui gives you instant results in the Art of Placement.

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  5. My Stalin Doll.

Attaining the fortunes of the I Ching has never been easier. Set includes complete, easy-to-use I Ching divination system with a quick-meaning guide to interpret the hexagrams and symbols. There's even a notch on the top of the wheel that allows you to hang the oracle over a door for good fortune.

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Includes 22 over-sized cards and booklet presenting background on dragons as well as card meanings. View them as your friend and ally while journeying through life's ups and downs. Learn to follow your inner guidance. Be awake and aware and allow yourself the freedom to choose your life's path. Set includes card deck and booklet. Set includes 48 inquiry cards, wooden stand, and page guidebook. In this deck, you will find inspiration in the dreamy artwork with empowering exercises, prayers, and affirmations.

Choose a spirit helper to guide you on your way. Includes 44 cards and page illustrated booklet. The High Priest or Priestess within you walks the path of divine love, power, and wisdom. This is the path of spiritual self-mastery where we are initiated through the darkness of struggle into the light of love. Learn to apply the Ancient Mystery teachings of Isis in practical ways to help you navigate through the experiences and challenges in your daily life.

Allow the Goddess, this sacred priestess, initiate, magician, and healer to help you reactivate your own soul talents of healing, magic, and more as you journey with her from darkness and uncertainty into light, love, and power. Set includes card deck and detailed page guidebook. Accompanied by exquisite poetic verses by Richard Cohn and profound messages of guidance by Alana Fairchild, these cards are designed to assist you to find your authentic path through the opportunities for growth presented to you in all aspects of life, especially in your relationships, not only with others, but in your sacred relationship with yourself.

Ask the oracle whatever it is you yearn to know, then be carried on a journey through the mists of time, where your answers await. Boxed se includes 70 oracle cards and guidebook. Inspiring you with their feminine wisdom, they will help you strengthen your intuition and guide you toward enhanced conscious awareness. Oracle includes card deck 36 Goddess cards and 3 Confirmation cards and a page booklet. Improve yourself, day-by-day, as you find answers to doubts in your heat or struggles along your path by allowing the oracle to help you see where you were, where you are now, and where you may be going.

As you journey, you will find that though our paths may not look the same, we are all seeking the same truths. But your journey, through these cards, will reflect your personal pathway to those truths. Whether the cards advise you to "Stand up, dig your heels in, and fight back" or that "Even on the dreariest day, the sun is still there behind the clouds," you will feel the pull of your heart strings as you warm to the beat of a journey meant only for you.

Includes an easy-to-follow guide. Enjoy cricket concerts, carousels, and garden parties in this magical world of the imagination. Choose a card from this enchanting card deck and read the inspirational message in the page booklet. The prophet Edgar Cayce defined karma as "meeting your self. It combines the ancient wisdom of astrology with a quick-and-easy technique.

To learn the answer to any question about your karma - on a spiritual, mental, or physical level - simple shuffle the deck, deal, and interpret three cards from the Planet, Sign, and House groups. Your message is written right on the cards so you can access your answer instantly! It is fun to do, yet deep levels of personal insight are revealed. Let Karma Cards , a divination classic, perceptively guide you on your life's path. With the help of these cards, everyone can travel down their own path towards an improved material and spiritual life.

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  • Kit includes 33 full-color spiritual cards and page book. The 44 cards in this deck guide you to a place of inner peace and beauty. Her energy reaches out to you from each card. The messages, inspired by her presence and guiding voice, contain her wisdom to help us live a loving and enlightened life that is practical, spiritual, and positive. The guidance in the messages and the practical exercises for each card nourish you on your spiritual path, help you realize that you are a divine Soul and learn to love, trust, and live your highest destiny this lifetime.

    May your heart be opened and touched by her grace. May you realize her beauty is a mirror of your own divine Soul. Boxed set includes card deck and instruction book. Boxed set includes card oversize deck and a practical book. You can create a positive contribution to our planet, evolve spiritually, and develop your innate abilities to work with energy through different healing modalities, channeling, and communication with higher beings such as angels, ascended masters, and other spiritual guides. You can help humanity shift from fear to love.

    You might already know you are a lightworker, or you may wonder if you are meant to be a healer or guide for others on their spiritual journey. If you are attracted to this deck, then your soul is telling you that you are a lightworker, and you have a life purpose that involves healing yourself and the earth. Lightworker Oracle is designed to support your deeper awakening, empower you and encourage you to fulfill your divine life purpose.

    Includes 44 full-color cards and instruction book. These potent cards will open the doors for you to the Atlantian Earth and introduce the Master Crystal Devas, the Mineral Kingdom's creators, unlocking their ancient and sacred knowledge. The 77 cards and comprehensive page guidebook is a powerful, life-changing crystal healing system. Through this oracle, receive the keys to the Crystalline world, discover Atlantian Spirituality, activate the Atlantian Octahedrons of Light, allowing you to connect with the crystals and tap into their wisdom, and heal with over Sacred Trinities and sequences of crystals.

    The Children of Light have come to guide us home. Her energy and the timeless wisdom she embodies are perhaps more relevant today than ever before. Calling upon this energy, the Magdalene Oracle provides insight and clarity into your current situation and offers answers to your questions.

    The stunning card illustrations also offer healing beyond that which words can ever say. Set includes 45 cards and guidebook with instructions on how to give detailed and accurate readings for yourself and others. Created by Tess Whitehurst - intuitive counselor, energy worker, and author of the Magic of Flowers - this deck is designed to help you quiet your mind and access your inner wisdom.

    With gorgeous images by artist Anne Wertheim, this oracle deck connects you to the beauty of flowers, the whimsy of elementals, and the precious miracle of life itself. Includes card deck and page book. As you connect with high-frequency dimensions of light, sacred color, and radiance from these 44 highly accurate and magically infused activation and oracle cards, they will expand with energies unlike any other deck you've experienced. Interacting with these cards will help strengthen your intuition and psychic senses, cultivate clarity, and inspire self-empowerment.

    Seven vibrant Chakra cards are included as a tangible, intuitive-strengthening tool intended for self-transformation, self-illumination, and self-healing. The companion guidebook provides full interpretations for each card so you can swiftly begin working with the energies of the deck. Learn how to read the card by using five unique oracle and three powerful Activator spreads for healthy relationships, healing, and money manifesting.

    Use these enchanting cards for personal intuitive guidance, client readings, energetic activation, or as affirmation cards. A page booklet accompanies the deck, and provides for gentle yet powerful messages to help you channel the magic all around you to achieve your greatest dreams. These spells are enchanted, loving exercises, sacred prayers-in-action to guide, support, and activate your innate magickal powers.

    The result can be a more authentic, prosperous, and blissful life. Respected witch and international bestselling author Lucy Cavendish has cast and crafted magickal spells for over 30 years. Now, in this classic deck, she shares some of her most effective and trusted spells. This tried and tested collection will support you bin: attracting a soul-mate, enhancing intuition, creating abundance, improving health, letting go gracefully, enjoying career success, and manifesting loving friendships. Each spell is sacred and purposeful, harnessing the energy of love and light, always for the highest good of all and of our planet.

    Allow these life-changing spells to bring love and healing magick into your life, as well as the lives of those you love. Includes 45 magickal spellcards and an in-depth, easy-to-understand guidebook on spellcasting, moon phases, magical correspondences, and fascinating background information for each spell. Maori Oracle by P. It uses many of the teaching stories and portents that are still used by Maori from tribes all over New Zealand.

    "Voyager" Companion

    And, although the symbols are Maori, they are pathways for the language of Spirit: a language that is universal. This beautiful oracle deck and guidebook offers anyone, from any culture, an opportunity to reconnect to one's own heritage and ancestors. It has been created to act as a pathway for messages from the other side, providing a sense of divine guidance from one's own family and a strengthening in the knowledge that we are not alone. Boxed set includes 58 art cards honoring tradition, spirituality, and language of the Maori, and an oracle and guidebook sharing the sacred ways of the New Zealand Maori with pronunciation and spirituality information.

    In addition to the 36 core cards, designer Ryan Edward has created 16 additional cards to complete a card deck, following the heritage of fortune telling cards based on playing card decks. The expanded deck afford precise readings with detailed answers. Includes page illustrated color guidebook with card meanings, keywords, and instructions. Now, revised and expanded to include 8 additional cards, this unique and powerful divination system draws upon ancient wisdom and tradition to teach the healing medicine of animals.

    Medicine Cards has found its way into the hearts and hands of many, guiding the way to healing the body, emotions, mind, and spirit, and providing insight into and understanding of one's unique purpose in life. Set includes book and card deck. In this deck of 44 oracle cards created by Steven D. The enclosed, easy-to-follow guidebook provides detailed instructions to help you immediately give accurate readings for yourself and others, as well as elaborations on the initial message from each animal spirit guide. Includes card deck and guidebook.

    We were one with nature and moved in harmony with the seasons and cycles of life. We honored and accepted the signs and messages sent by Gaia and Great Spirit. This deck is for those who yearn to re-ignite their connection with Gaia, Great Spirit, the natural world and its creatures. Messenger Oracle strengthens our ancient bond with nature and spirit. These cards are infused with the magic of ancient dragons, elemental fae, mystical trees, and their wild animal kin: they are 'the messengers' who are here to guide us back to our true nature and power and to help us reconnect with and express our innermost truth.

    She brings you divine guidance for healing. She holds you within her spiritual protection. She blesses you with miracles of grace. She is calling you to her, so that your soul may grow bright and shine its healing light in the world. This moving and powerful deck explores the profoundly healing, protective, and soothing energy of Mother Mary. Through this oracle, she brings you her guidance and wisdom and connects you with knowledge of your own spiritual potency and divinity so that you may experience ever greater peace and love on your life journey.

    Illuminating illustrations capture the true essence of Mother Mary's extraordinary energy while the comprehensive guidebook offers detailed messages for each card as well as practical healing processes and affirmations to help you integrate the teachings of the Holy Mother. Inside you'll find a full-color book accompanied by an illustrated deck of fifty-two cards that speak through archetypes, or universal symbols, of empowered motherhood. Each card represents an attribute of motherhood - from surrender and protection to faith and compassion - and contains a message that is revealed in the book.

    Use this deck for divination - like the Tarot - by laying out the cards in a special spread or flip open the book and draw a card at random and see how it relates to you in the moment. Set contains 52 oracle cards and guidebook. By directing energy and awareness, mudras can deliver numerous benefits for both physical and emotional wellness. The page illustrated guidebook presents instructions for the poses, information about their health benefits, and guided meditations.

    The mudras for this deck were specifically selected to awaken the energy of the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. The page instructional guidebook explores the numerous benefits these mudras deliver and includes practices and guided meditations. This deck can be used in conjuction with Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body. The Mystic Art Medicine Cards carry the potential to awaken the intuitive nature of your soul. The thought provoking images, imbued with codes, initiate seeds to awaken memories instilled deep within your DNA, memories of your inherent nature.

    The at used here is a medicine tool for transformation, inviting you to create a reality as magically beautiful as your infinite imagination chooses to express. Boxed set contains 64 full-color cards and a page illustrated booklet. Lenormand , the "Sibyl of Paris," in a wonderful new edition. Regula Elizabeth Fiechter has worked with the Lenormand cards for more than 20 years. Urban Trosch painted the pictures with the classical Eitempera technique and has created captivating works of art with brilliant colors.

    Set includes 36 cards and booklet. Archangels, goddesses, spirit animals, fairies, and wonderful, mystical creatures deliver uplifting messages and gentle encouragement to help you get past all of life's challenges and get back to joy. The Mystical Wisdom deck includes 46 cards with a page illustrated booklet full of hope and wisdom. Discover your destiny. And channel the power of the gods. Meet primal forces, Titans, gods, magical beings, and legendary heroes.

    Discover the power and passion of deities like Zeus, king of the Olympians. Learn from the triumphs and trials of heroes like Achilles, who won glory in battle. And discover the courage and compassion of beings like Psyche, whose gentle beauty inspired the god of love himself. Let the timeless lessons of the Mythic Oracle guide you through the cycles of life, from matters of love, friends, and family to spirituality, creativity, and personal awareness.

    Use the messages of this oracle to move through life's challenges with clarity and confidence. Expand your intuition and inner strength and find the answers you seek. Author Carissa Mellado and artist Michele-Lee Phelan present 45 divinely inspired cards and an in-depth guidebook that explains the messages of these mighty beings as well as offering step-by-step instructions to give accurate and powerful readings for you and your friends. Face the future. Find your courage. And let the Mythic Oracle guide you on your own epic journey. It is in our nature to seek to understand it, to conquer it, and to sip its mysterious powers.

    Who better, then, to ask for guidance and inspiration than the spirits of water themselves, the Water Fae? Mermaids, sprites, nymphs, and more - their wisdom and insight has been collected within this oracle to help us comprehend and embrace the enigmatic dichotomy that is water. Embrace the duality that is the element of water and prepare to plumb the depths of the unknown with guidance from the Water Fae! Boxed set includes card deck and detailed page guidebook. It means: I honor the spirit in you which is also in me. It is a simple yet powerful acknowledgment that we are ultimately one in spirit.

    The radiant artwork and inspiring messages of this deck are designed to bring the energy and intention of this Namaste blessing into your everyday life. Draw a card and be guided to a space of peace and clarity within you. Set includes card deck and instruction booklet. Created by Denise Linn, a member of the Cherokee Nation and best-selling author of the books Quest and Kindling the Native Spirit , this card deck with companion guidebook holds the keys to unlocking a wondrous realm where you'll discover what destiny has in store for you.

    These oracle cards were birthed at the base of a sacred mountain, and they carry the mystical energy that surrounded their birthing. Each card opens a gateway so that you can powerfully and immediately discern your own unique, secret messages from the Universe.

    What choice should I make? What is likely to unfold? Where do I go from here? The answers to these questions and more have always been found in Nature.

    stillness | perilsoftheliving

    Now they can be found in The Nature-Speak Oracle. A companion to his best-selling book Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews brings you a remarkable oracle to guide you in your life. With tree, flower, landscape, and climate oracles, The Nature-Speak Oracle contains 60 full-color oracle cards and a page guide booklet. Through this vibrant deck, featuring the exquisite artwork of Josephine Wall, nature beckons you to experience a world of profound beauty and timeless wisdom. Re-ignite your connection to the great spirit of Mother Earth and tap into the profound peace, healing, and guidance she offers us, if we only take the time to listen.

    Box includes 50 cards and page illustrated guidebook. The messages are deeply rooted in the essence of humanity, with each card representing a facet of nature that is the spirit of living with nature. These messages are interwoven with animals and plants as part of its symbology, as well as a special message that helps the reader gain positive insight into the past, present, and future.

    Boxed set includes 48 colorful art nature cards to connect the reader to nature while solving life's mysteries, and a page companion book with insightful card meanings. Compassionate providers of comfort, help, and love, angels are always available, just waiting for us to reach out and connect with them. These elegant cards provide a valuable link between the heavens and the earth so you can develop close relationships with your angel messengers.

    Discover the unimaginable insights the angels have for you. Set includes card deck and a page book. Its words and images will open the door and pathway to your heart and lead you to a place within you, full of unconditional love and divine wisdom. This deck is an essential and rewarding tool for communicating with the angelic realm and obtaining powerful messages of guidance and love. Simply ask your angels to guide you to the perfect card for you in this moment. Each time you perform a reading, you will tap into new insights and deep wisdom from your angels and benefit from the profound sense of peace that comes from knowing you are always loved and protected.

    Mario Duguay's rich and evocative artwork in this deck beautifully captures the divinity that surrounds us every day and truly connects us with the magical world of the angels. Atlantis, a vanished world that evokes numerous hypotheses. Where was it? What was it like? Were you an Atlantean in a past life? Marguerite Bevilacqua envisioned Atlantis, the mysterious continent that existed some 14, years before the Common Era. Thanks to her vision and her gifts of clairvoyance, she created the Oracle of Atlantis.

    Boxed set contains 42 cards and book with instructions in English and French. The book contains the Principles of the Oracle, the significance of each card and symbol, and a self-test to determine if you were in Atlantis in a past life. We were fully alive and full magickal. We worked, love, and lived with all the elemental beings. But as time wore on, we were torn away from our strongest, most protective kin, the Dragonfae.

    This deck is a dimensional portal to allow them to return to our realm, and deliver their powerful messages of love, healing, and protection for a new generation of magickal beings. Within these pages, and on each one of these magickal cards, you will be introduced to and given messages and wisdom from the boundless world of the Dragonfae, a world which is now ready to be seen by your eyes and experienced by your heart.

    When we connect with the Dragonfae, we reconnect with the lost parts of ourselves, allowing us to fully explore the gifts of life on this beautiful planet. They help us to access knowledge from deep within and reconnect us with the knowingness that we are all one. Boxed set includes 43 cards and page magickal guidebook. Hear their song. Heal your love life. Mermaids have long been the luscious messengers between the world of the Ocean and the world of Humans.

    Loving, adventurous, kind, and daring, Mermaids can teach you ways to heal your past, love yourself more deeply, live authentically, embrace your creativity, and find your life purpose. When you connect with your Mermaids, you tap into the vast reservoir of the Feminine Divine, which in turn enhances your ability to draw love into your life, raise your self-esteem, create sensual bliss, and glow with health and attractive vitality.

    Overflowing with mermaid magic, legends, and lore, the page guidebook features in-depth messages and clear, accurate card spreads to help you find answers for yourself, your loved ones, or your clients. Set features card deck with illustrations by renowned fantasy artist Selina Fenech.

    No more shall the strangelings hide in the shadows! Welcome to their mysterious world of magick and beauty, where dreams are stranger than reality, but oh-so-likely to come true when you awaken your own power. Within the Oracle of Shadow and Light, be greeted by grumpy fairies, sassy witches, cheeky ghosts, and brazen beings. Quirky, haunting, and shadowy-sweet, these tell-it-like-it-is magickal messengers act as your unsettling yet irresistible guides to the diverging paths before you. Discover answers to all your questions, big or small. Develop your inner strength, intuition, and find happiness and belief in the unique and amazing individual you are.

    Author Lucy Cavendish and artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith present forty-five other-worldly cards and an in-depth guidebook which explains the messages of these alluring beings as well as offering step-by-step instructions on how to give accurate and powerful readings for you and your friends. All you have to do is walk through the veil, and enter the magickal world of shadows and light.

    Boxed set includes 45 cards and page guidebook. Like mermaids and faeries and dragons, unicorns, too, have a distinct and powerful spiritual energy. Delve into their wondrous realm through the Oracle of Unicorns to reawaken your intuitive abilities, your innate wisdom, your unique gifts, your extraordinary courage, your divine potential.

    The unicorn guides in this deck are here to help you discover the magic that lies within you. They wish for you to become a more conscious creator of your reality, harnessing the infinite power of the universe to conjure miracles and move mountains. Experience greater joy, love, peace, and prosperity by welcoming unicorn energy into your world. Includes 44 cards and guidebook. The imaginative scenes encourage us to set aside preconceived ideas and open ourselves up to new ways of looking at our choices and decisions.

    Set includes card deck and page booklet. They help us look at the world in ways that infuse our lives with vitality and assist us to experience the deepest levels of understanding, creativity, and caring. Invite an angel into your day. Boxed set contains: Angel Cards, one of the most powerful ways to connect with the angels. Each card quality evokes your intuitive abilities and renews your spiritual connection expanded version includes 20 new cards, 20 bonus stickers of new qualities, pocket-size carrying case, and sturdy box for selecting and storing cards; Angel Cards book contains inspirational messages for keywords, plus meditations, visualizations, and journals to use with the cards.

    Unlock the secrets behind your dog's confounding behavior with the help of this illustrated oracle deck. Simply ask a question, draw a card, and consult the enclosed guidebook for your interpretation. Nostradogus reveals: the reason your dog rolls in the mud right after being groomed; how your mutt really feels about having her toenails painted; why your pup ignores his organic dog chews and shreds your shoes instead. The images of the Lenormand are recreated to reflect Pagan symbols, values, and beliefs while retaining the clarity of the original oracle.

    Boxed set includes 38 cards and guidebook. Best-selling author Susanne Peymann successfully bridges the gap between traditional esoteric beliefs and modern psychological approaches to the use of the pendulum, presenting old and new pendulum interpretations that have been customized to address contemporary questions. The enclosed book is a practical guide to mastering the use of the pendulum.

    The set includes 1 brass pendulum, a fabric bag to hold the pendulum, and a page, full color book. By interpreting the movements of a swinging pendulum, you can tune into your intuition, find the answer to any question, and locate objects and energy centers in the earth. The completely self-contained kit includes everything you need to become an expert dowser, including a pendulum with cord and a page instruction book with exercises, dowsing charts, astrology charts, and maps that show you how to: -interpret every movement of the pendulum even if it makes none; -answers questions about your health, love life, career, and potential talents; -use the Sun Sign, Planet, and Astrological Houses charts for divination; -forecast the weather and temperature; -predict future scores and events; -find underground reserves of water or oil; -locate lost objects; -discover sacred site energy centers and ley lines; -determine which foods are most and least healthful for you; -devise your own flower remedies; -create and use other dowsing tools like L-rods and Y-rods With your personal pendulum, you will have the key to unlocking the mysteries of the earth and its energy fields and tapping the unlimited potential of your own mind.

    Set includes metal pendulum and instruction book with charts. Pick Your Numbers! Now there is a system that uses Tarot, numerology, and astrology to assist you in your intuitive focus so that you can harness the power within to bring luck, abundance, prosperity, and happiness to your life. In five minutes a day, tune into your subliminal mind to play any game that requires numbers to win: lotteries, horse or dog racing, sports and fantasy scoring, psychic or "sensitive" practices, secret coding for kids, party games for adults; the list is endless!

    Via 78 themed Tarot cards, 3 extra technique cards, and 5 dice, this system is developed to help you play with numbers, and even win sometimes! The handy guide includes detailed interpretations of each card and instructions for how to play to win. Discover how using the magic of numbers will enhance your life! But do it soon! The Wheel of Fortune is spinning again! The metal box includes a page booklet. Farmer, Ph. This deck of 44 oracle cards by Steven Farmer will connect you with animal spirit guides who will advise you about any aspect of your life. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced reader, the enclosed easy-to-follow guidebook provides instructions to help you immediately give accurate readings to yourself and others.

    These most ancient of Germanic peoples' magical written symbols offer us deep insight into the hidden structures of the cosmos and the secrets of the human psyche. Voenix, the designer of these Rune cards, has made it possible for us, with the help of his oracle pack, to gain direct access to our own intuition and our subconscious, and thus to an understanding of our own actions. Includes a card deck and instruction booklet. This fascinating deck will work for you whether you're a novice or are already in tune with your psychic abilities. In the accompanying guidebook, psychic medium John Holland imparts techniques that he's practiced himself and taught in his workshops, relating to colors, symbology, shapes, words, card spreads, divination, numerology, energy centers, imagination, and more.

    By using the cards, you'll be able to incorporate John's techniques when you do a tarot reading for yourself or others. Relationships of all kinds are really about you! They will often reflect back what you need to see and the lessons you need to learn. By using this deck and the techniques that psychic medium John Holland imparts, along with the wisdom of the tarot, you'll begin to understand and look at relationships - past, present, and future - with an intuitive eye.

    This deck is not just for lovers! These cards will resonate with anyone and add clarify around all types of relationships, including the most important one of all Rana also shares her considerable expertise in the art of reading with the Lenormand system. Every exquisite detail of the Rana George Lenormand serves her mission of creating a deck unlike any other with its enticing artwork and insightful instruction. This card deck includes extra Man and Woman cards as well as four additional cards that enhance the Lenormand experience.

    Includes a page guidebook. The Reiki Card Deck shows you, through beautiful full-color photography, simple hand-laying techniques that will allow you to tap into a therapeutic energy you never knew existed. Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of healing that anyone can use - on themselves or on others - to treat specific health issues or for general wellness. In addition to illustrating fifty Reiki techniques, the cards also explain how to do the technique properly and the specific benefits of the position.

    The Reiki Card Deck is perfect for healing at home or for tossing in your suitcase for some spur-of-the-moment soothing during your travels. A powerful catalyst for personal growth and healing, the Reiki Inspirational Cards will speak to your soul. Designed by Reiki master and practitioner Anna Eva Jahier, the deck applies Reiki principles to color, number, and symbol correspondences from time-honored systems such as the Kabbalah, Tarot, and angelic healing.

    Nine seed cards offer clarification of the energies of the present moment, while thirteen transformation cards offer direction to inspire you and guide you on your path. The accompanying guidebook offers a variety of simple ways to use Reiki cards for insight and guidance. Find a peaceful place within yourself, deal constructively with challenges, and become more appreciative of life when you invite Reiki energy and wisdom into your life with this transformable tool.

    A natural continuation of and complement to the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck, this divination set by artist Francene Hart contains 64 original full-color images that portray the sacred geometrical proportions in the natural forms of animals, oceans, and celestial bodies. The accompanying guidebook contains detailed interpretations of each card and 6 divination spreads for both personal and group readings. Integrating math, science, and spirituality, these cards convey the wisdom of ancient cultures in which art, science, and religion were seen not as separate systems but as different facets of the same truth.

    Working with these cards incorporates this inclusive view into our own lives to bring balance to our energy fields and allow us to access higher levels of consciousness. The wisdom they reveal provides insight into life's challenges and helps restore us to a state of harmony with the natural rhythms of life. Set includes 64 full-color cards and a page book with black-and-white illustrations.

    Developed by Native American medicine teacher Jamie Sams, this unique system distills the essential wisdom of the sacred teachings of many tribal traditions and shows users the way to transform their lives. The 44 beautifully illustrated cards, each endowed with a particular meaning and message, may be drawn individually for a daily lesson or laid out in a series of spreads that open up different paths to inner knowledge.

    Used with the accompanying text, which explains the various forms and methods of interpretation and divination, the cards are a powerful tool for enhanced self-awareness and positive change. The Sacred Rebels Oracle is for those who are ready to celebrate and nurture their individuality. When you are a Sacred Rebel you want to be fully alive and express your authentic truths. You want to help heal the world, even when that means shaking things up. Sacred Rebels love life and refuse to believe that manifesting their dreams is impossible! This oracle deck is filled with striking imagery and beautiful heartfelt guidance to support you in awakening your sacred rebellious heart, so that you will trust in your own uniqueness and authenticity, and honor your creative power.

    Boxed set includes 44 full-color cards and a detailed page guidebook. Featuring breathtaking illustrations by renowned spiritual artist Yuri Leitch, each card channels the energy of the featured site. This easy-to-use deck is the only one to address the three dimensions of your life past, present, and future on every card. This set includes 53 cards capturing the energy of ancient sites all over the world; a detailed guidebook on how to question the Oracle and use it to connect with the sites; a mystical symbol plus an exercise, a ritual, or a meditation on every card to help you draw power and insight from each site.

    This deck celebrates the beauty and diversity of the earth, drawing from myth, folklore, and nature to bring gentle guidance where most needed in your life. Embrace the powers of the natural world! Set includes 44 Oracle cards and a detailed instruction booklet. The answers to life's great questions were found not in books but in quiet communion with the voices of Mother Earth. From the mighty whale to the tiny bee, each animal and element was seen as sacred and was honored for the gift it brought to the greater circle of life. The Secret Language of Animals is a doorway to reconnect with the wisdom of nature through the messages of a handful of our planet's most threatened species.

    By honoring the insight they bring to us, we deepen our connection with our own path and calling, while awakening our role in the preservation and balance of life. Now is the time. Listen to the whispered call of the Secret Language of Animals. What message or gift is waiting to be awakened in you?

    You may discover surprising new perspectives from a daydreaming tiger and a mysterious lady wearing a peacock in her hair. This special set includes 44 cards and a page guidebook presenting keywords, inspirational messages, and journal prompts with space provided for you to write down your thoughts as you journey through the Mystic Grove.

    Its profound yet simple words have helped countless people to find the strength to overcome trauma and addiction. Serenity Runes includes five specially crafted stones, each with an interpretation that illuminates a particular aspect of the prayer. Via Shamanism studies, these 44 beautifully drawn oracle cards will help you learn the importance of symbolism in the human psyche. Discover for yourself and others the energies surrounding situations in life that can hinder or assist you along your path of self-awareness and healing. Whether a novice or skilled reader, the messages found in these cards and the accompanying guidebook will give you the insight, personal empowerment, and trust in your own intuitive abilities and will allow you to begin an energetic healing journey that is precisely tailored to you.

    Consider the universal symbols and energetic messages these cards have for you. Begin living a life of spiritual clarity, energetic oneness, and personal empowerment. The cards represent five archetypes—Spirits, Ancestors, Hunters, Dancers, and Shamans—each intimately connected with a different aspect of human experience. The evocative images touch on our ancestral memories and subconscious forces that influence our thoughts, feelings, and actions at the deepest level of being.

    Boxed set includes 52 oracle cards, fold-out spread sheet, and page guidebook on how to read the cards, understand their hidden meanings, and integrate these messages into your life for enhanced self-understanding. Learn from the day-to-day experiences of one household pet, and see how his simple wisdom can shed light on our complex modern lives. See the world through a dog's eyes in the 44 expressive, black-and-white photographs featured on these unique cards. Read Albus's humorous yet profound insights in his own words, along with additional commentary from his human owner, giving a fresh perspective on daily life.

    The guide also includes a foreward by the well-known Tarot author and teacher, and good friend of Albus, Barbara Moore. And in the words of Albus: "I may not be an ascended indigo dolphin archangel from Atlantis, but I know a thing or two about what's important in life! The sacred feminine is the universal feminine power expressed through the heart of Mother Earth. It is a uniting and nourishing energy that embraces all of humanity. The Soulful Woman Guidance Cards will inspire and nurture your feminine soul, and support you in manifesting from this sacred feminine energy. The wisdom of these affirmations and the powerful artwork that illustrates the deck will help you to relax into life's flow, trust in divine timing, follow your intuition, connect with your heart's desire, and open to receive the extraordinary blessings the universe has to offer you.

    Contains 48 cards and guidebook. Regardless of whether you are already with your soul mate or still in search of one another, Soul Mate Cards will help you to strengthen the bonds of love between you and your soul mate. These cards will also enable you to develop a higher awareness of the Universe and remind you that you are never truly alone.

    This extraordinary oracle deck will bring insight and clarity around some of the major turning points in your life, and will also provide reassurance that you're indeed making the right decisions. The Spirit World communicates through these cards, offering guidance and direction in matters of self-love, vulnerability, relationships, trust, and much more. As you work with these cards, they will not only strengthen your own natural intuition, but also deepen the powerful, loving bond that you and the Spirit World share.

    Boxed set includes 50card deck and guidebook. The evocative paintings by popular wilderness artist, Jody Bergsma, merge images of myth and nature to help you discover the secrets of creation. Whether using a single card or a full spread, Spirit of the Wheel guides you with gentle prayers and powerful prophecies along your spirit pathways.

    Set includes 40card deck, Medicine Wheel layout poster, and page guidance booklet.

    The Magical Tarot of the Golden Dawn

    The deck consists of 33 cards - 20 Tonalpohualli cards derived from day-signs in the Toltec calendar that represent the archetypal forces of life, an 13 Ruler cards that depict the main deities and sacred principles of the Toltec tradition - as well as a color layout for readings. Using original sources of Toltec literature, poems, paintings, and philosophical texts, The Toltec Oracle gives the meaning of each card as it relates to Toltec symbolism and metaphysics. The oracle also shows how that meaning is affected by the placement of the card in one of the four layout quadrants that correspond to body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

    The more than guiding principles and practices that accompany the card explanations provide meaningful applications of the wisdom of the readings. For thousands of years, those seeking advice or wanting to give thanks to Mother Nature have walked the ancient paths into the sacred grove. Because today sacred groves have become scarcer, and venerable old trees in tranquil spots are hard to find when we need them, Earthdancer Publications is pleased to present this tree oracle to bring tree angels closer to us all once more.

    Experiencing the angelic spirits through The Tree Angel Oracle can enrich our lives and help us rediscover our true connection to trees. Set consists of 36 illustrated cards with written guidance in book form to accompany the cards. What Mission? That series ran 31 issues.

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    And Horus was, appropriately, one of my pals through those pages even if he did remove my face with a power drill in one of the later issues. More comics were created. More of the magic was moved around. So-called Reality and the malleable storyline spelled out in penciled panels began to overlap. Fortunately, there was a master Alchemist from Sirius B on the payroll.

    It may seem to be a most unlikely prerequisite study but there are real magical secrets contained in that delightful graphic novel even if Scott himself would lower his Harry Potter eyeglasses and raise a brow at the suggestion. Dennis readily understood these things and built them into his mini-comix with unique spatial arrangements, hieroglyphics and so forth. The storylines thus functioned on numerous levels at once. The symbols thus employed , however, do not need to be terribly arcane.

    The first is between the creator and his work. The second is between the work and the reader. Some creators have expertly blended these two levels of connectivity and this, I find, to be the preferrable approach. If this is beginning to sound abstract, no worries. My purpose in writing this blog was to sketch out a bit of the background for what evolved into my approach to comics as a means to not only entertain but to serve as a field of catharis, existential exploration and, ultimately, magic in the Crowleyan sense: Change occurring in conformity with Will.

    Many of the themes worked with in Kophi Komix have now given way to a new phase in the building up of the magical universe. New enemies, new allies, new goals. We are hoping to have the first issue completed, printed and ready to go by this coming weekend. These will no longer be the mini-comix of days gone by although we are looking at including bonus mini-comix with each issue along with trading cards, prayer cards, tarot cards and color prints exclusive to each issue.

    The idea is to be sending out a package worth opening and one in which we might offer what the Mighty Mr. McCloud expressed so succinctly in his Grand Grimoire:. Love, Clive. In his wonderful little novel, The Great Divorce, C. Lewis described a very different vision of Heaven than that glibly gobbled up by most. Instead of a wispy wonderland where ethereal beings drift in and out of some floating field of clouds lit with laser light show, new arrivals find themselves confronted with such solidity of Spiritscape as to be dangerous, if not lethal, to their fragile forms, ghostlike in comparison to the ultra-reality of the Higher Realms.

    There is a tree hung with marvelous fruits of gold. Problem is: he can lift nary a one from the ground. They may as well have been cast in iron and held fast by the most powerful supermagnet in the universe. The waters catch and carry his airy body as if it were a dry and wind-tossed leaf being knocked down a conveyor belt. Regardless of belief or perspective, no one hanging about in Hell is forced stay a moment longer than they choose. In fact, there is actually a magic bus making daily rounds from the Center of Hell to the Pearly Gates.

    You just need to get on and take a trip. Here we find incredible insight from Lewis in this book. Now, I believe the traditional theories on Hell hold if we can regard them away from the Thou Shalt Knots. When the economy takes a nosedive, there are certain stores which will never need to scrawl a sad sayonara with sharpie on cardboard to hang in the window. The necessities of life, right? Forget the bric-a-brac. Target what someone cannot live without and sort the plan to ensure they get it from YOU. Theologies break out on the planet like an insect-swarm.

    Your parental custodian units are more than happy to see their little bundle of joy fed upon by their preferred parasite of choice. The situation so swiftly siphoned by those in the know is rooted in the flowering of consciousness and its tendency toward self-awareness. Most pen-pigs, however, are well bred to stick with the Devil They Know. Demon Daddy, unhappy with the report card, showed her the way to a lifelong career in conformity, the perimeter of which defined an extraterrestrial exoskeleton wherein her heavy heaving heart would be washed down with a glass of chianti, bottled on her birthday.

    The camera lingered on the back of the bus as it lifted off the ground, sailed off to the Empyrean and snowflakes shimmered into a fabulous foreground fade-out. After all, it was Christmas Eve and she needed to tell Daddy about her promotion at work. It all looked like another dull round, as Blake would say.

    And it was. Lovecraftian Horrors continued their pernicious partnership with E. All to the tune of Bing Bloody Crosby. These will be assembled and shipped out shortly. At present, there is only one remaining deck left for purchase. We CAN print and cut more cards to order but this may be a little while yet and, as detailed below, we are already onto the next series of images.

    The first set is composed of just a few images we conjured up to see how the cards could be put together. These are a delight to be making and we hope those who purchase and send out our cards will share in the fun and joy of the images. We are also very excited to be assembling the needed supplies to run an ongoing series of Bardo Comix directly out of SpaceHoodoo HQ.

    Unlike the greeting cards, this will be stuff for an adult audience with loads of sex, violence, interdimensional travel, esoteric exploration, violence, surprise guest stars from all walks of history past, present and future , sex, true tales of heart break and the triumph of the human spirit over malignant menaces from outer space, violence, occult secrets, conspiratorial plots unfurled and foiled, more violence and robots, pirates, demons, sex, coffee, quotes from all my favorite bands woven into the storyline, sex and also nudity and laser guns and sex.

    But never fear! My initial notes for a Book of the Law based deck had various gaps in the structure and when LAM emerged as a necessary component, the vision for a total structure was almost instantaneous! In fact, this project has been wanting to emerge for many years. I had just never conceived of it in terms of a Tarot. Finally, we are hoping to offer the Bardo Bear Tarot by next week. We are planning to include with this set of cards a Talismanic Coinflip. SpaceHoodoo HQ is very much an Interzone now as we shift from the cute to the cryptic and back again.

    In such context, we often think in terms of video games-and specifically the unique series of games created by Gold and Co. However, prior to the development of this technology, the regard for gaming as something more than amusement stretches back through history, from culture to culture. The underlying principles remain the same even as these are developed and pushed by the Game Mages of the Modern Era. The term itself is very simple-but one which is difficult to give comprehensive description to.

    Or it could be a time-killer, a way to whittle away at the boredom of a somnambulistic life winding its way toward the grave. Well, Spiritual Gaming is the infusion of a Spiritual Approach to a given game environment. Having lost all sensation in his posterior, Frank was unable to stop meditating and stand up. He died unenlightened. This is where the butt-cushion is swapped for the seat of your car and silence of the Sanctum gives way to a near sideswipe on the Interstate.

    What happens is that the awareness worked with in the sitting practice spontaneously bubbles up to take on the new situation. In this sense, the potential accident is no different from the grocery list which popped into your head while you were being a good little Buddha sitting Zazen. It is also a form of meditation. Meditators tend to become Beacons. Now, imagine your typical game. Imagine a game of Pac-Man, for example, where all you do is eat an energizer pellet, chomp a ghost and complete the level.

    We actively seek out and enter certain fields of STRESS so that we may contend with it, stretch it into something else. There is the immediate joy of winning a game for the first time. You can clearly see that little mind, having learned from the last game, coming back with new cards, new strategies and the most attentive level of interest.

    Gamespace begins to really change as we experience it from an unfolding mystical vantage point. As simply as that sounds, it is one of the most valuable keys the Spiritual Gamer will find. In fact, it takes us all the way back to lines etched into cave walls, a primitive projection from an uncertain scenario into the universe of the successful hunt. What happens in a Prosperity Video Game is very much akin to Hoodoo.

    For example, my Avatar, in a video-gaming environment, cannot do certain things I can. The fact that humans think of themselves as top of the food chain makes harvesting them so much easier. And, trust, there is a large marketplace, both physical and spiritual, for the human hot dog. What is happening in the Gamespace is real. But its reality is within the context of its own unique universe.

    It is absolutely within the realm of possibility to enter into a dynamic interchange with the events of said country but this requires the establishment of certain linkage points. Same with the Gamespace and our current level of human experience in Spacetime. Arthur Clarke was right when he observed that the magic of the past becomes the science of the future. And what we are speaking of with regards to Spiritual Gaming is a type of physics. Returning to our opening words, it remains tricky to peg this with a concise definition. Just as we meditate, we also work with Mantras.

    One simple statement of intent is the dedication of our actions to the benefit of all beings everywhere. Get that in your solar plexus and then play some Pokemon. Each card is connected to an energy pattern with its field of possibilities. Whether you or your opponent win, there is 30 minutes of action on the board.

    The game itself is a spontaneous dance, a studio jam, an evocation of those powers we call Bodhisattvas. So much can happen within one turn of the game. Watch Ivysaur, linked via Hoodoo to your own state of awareness, evolve into Venusaur as you take a new stance in a typical situation, letting go of habit to allow something wholly new and good to enter in.

    But our Electric Mouse is a much better companion than that yapping dog chasing after the girl in a blue dress. To produce this deck, we do much more than simply send some scans off to a printer. We eventually arrive at the Art Store where our friend, Nathan, assists in reproducing the Tarot Sheets, tweaking the color and getting them just right. These sheets are then brought back to SpaceHoodoo Outpost True North where each sheet is hand-cut into 8 cards. As the backs of these cards are blank, we hand sign and sigilize each one in gold metallic ink. The deck is then packaged with its booklet.

    This is more than your average U. Games guide to what the Two of Cups means according to Mr. The Tibetans knew this well and identified a Bardo between Life and Death, the space in which you now read these words. Therefore the Bardos are a continuous area of concern and self remembering. You can contact us via Facebook or at kylefite yahoo. Celebritism falls flat with me. Every Man and Every Woman is a Star. Each such forgotten soul contained the Universe, experienced from a unique vantage point. A thousand stories are stuffed away in nursing homes.

    Shriveled asses hurriedly wiped and colostomy bags squeezed into pink plastic basins. The spark behind a gelatinous eye quivers and grows faint. Loves and Hates And Passions just like mine… He was born and then he lived and then he died It seems so unfair I want to cry…. Still, I remember buying Viva Hate the month it was released.

    Voyager Tarot Companion: Magical Verses For A Magnificent Voyage Voyager Tarot Companion: Magical Verses For A Magnificent Voyage
    Voyager Tarot Companion: Magical Verses For A Magnificent Voyage Voyager Tarot Companion: Magical Verses For A Magnificent Voyage
    Voyager Tarot Companion: Magical Verses For A Magnificent Voyage Voyager Tarot Companion: Magical Verses For A Magnificent Voyage
    Voyager Tarot Companion: Magical Verses For A Magnificent Voyage Voyager Tarot Companion: Magical Verses For A Magnificent Voyage
    Voyager Tarot Companion: Magical Verses For A Magnificent Voyage Voyager Tarot Companion: Magical Verses For A Magnificent Voyage
    Voyager Tarot Companion: Magical Verses For A Magnificent Voyage Voyager Tarot Companion: Magical Verses For A Magnificent Voyage
    Voyager Tarot Companion: Magical Verses For A Magnificent Voyage Voyager Tarot Companion: Magical Verses For A Magnificent Voyage

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