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Either two-thirds landscape and one-third sky, or two-thirds sky and one-third landscape. If we are capturing a subject portrait , we want to capture the person on one of the intersections. This keeps them out of the center, immediately creating more interest. We are talking about the relationship between negative space and interesting elements. It helps give the scene a focal point , in a natural way. As you see, these intersecting points are very important.

This type of image is great for using the rule of thirds photography composition. For example, the photo below shows the subject on the lower-left intersection. You can see this better with the rule of thirds photography grid as a reference placed over the image. The same goes for landscape shots.

This is where we can see the most prominent point-of-interest on the intersection. The rule of thirds photography grid shows this idea better. The boat falls on the lower-left intersection and the mountain on the upper-right. The theory goes like this. It creates more tension, energy and interest. Because of the placement, Your image then becomes more dramatic. The same idea goes for images where the landscape is the subject.

You can see this better by using the rule of thirds photography grid. Luckily, this grid gives you that from the horizontal and vertical lines. This image below is more interesting. This idea is a great way to show two important elements, where one has more importance over the other.

The rule of thirds is the most basic, yet fundamental, composition tool to use. But, it also makes this photography composition east to overuse and abuse. You can read more about the most common abused rules of composition here. Of course, you can break the rules.

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But it is better to learn them first. This way, when you do break them, your choices are more effective and on purpose. There needs to be a reason why the subject is placed smack-bang in the center. Take this image, for example.

The story or idea behind the image was strong enough. It shone through the composition used. Here, the power and concept of the scene overshadow the composition. The concept of an image and the content will always take precedence over composition. Composition is there to help you boost your images. And make them more interesting if the content is lacking. You can also use rule of thirds photography when post-processing your image. It is a helpful way to correct your images and help make them more interesting. By using software such as Lightroom or Photoshop , you may find that you would like to crop your images.

This may be due to distracting subjects or backgrounds. The rule of thirds photography grid can help you achieve a better crop, and thus, a stronger image. This will toggle the rule of thirds photography composition grid on your image. Or, clicking on the crop tool will also activate this overlay. You can use this to crop your image so that subjects fall on these intersections better. At last a very informative yet concise website which gives the everyday photographer the essential information as used by professional photographers like yourself.

Very many thanks. Great article about the rule of thirds. The leading lines are so strong that the sense of centeredness has a nice appeal. Your email address will not be published. As a whole, the comedic rule of threes relies on setting up a pattern of two items and then subverting viewer expectations by breaking that pattern with the third item. Cup of coffee? Just like most comedic writing, the rule of threes in comedy relies on building tension to a comedic release.

In the case of the rule of threes, tension is built with the first two items in the pattern and then released with the final item, which should be the funniest of the three. Most triples are short in length, often only two or three sentences, but the rule can also be implemented effectively at longer length as long as base formula is still followed.

In storytelling , authors often create triplets or structures in three parts.

2. Are you over or underestimate yourself?

In its simplest form, this is merely beginning, middle, and end , from Aristotle 's Poetics. Syd Field wrote a popular handbook of screenwriting , in which he touted the advantages of three-act structure over the more traditional five-act structure used by William Shakespeare and many other famous playwrights. Vladimir Propp , in his Morphology of the Folk Tale , concluded that any of the elements in a folktale could be negated twice so that it would repeat thrice.

The Rule of Thirds in 5 minutes - Creating More Dynamic Framing

A small sample of the latter includes:. The use of a series of three elements is also a well-known feature of public oratory.

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Max Atkinson, in his book on oratory entitled Our Masters' Voices , [20] gives interesting examples of how public speakers use three-part phrases to generate what he calls 'claptraps', evoking audience applause. Martin Luther King Jr.

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For example, the speech "Non-Violence and Racial Justice" contained a binary opposition made up of the rule of three: "insult, injustice and exploitation", followed a few lines later by "justice, good will, and brotherhood". The appeal of the three-fold pattern is also illustrated by the transformation of Winston Churchill 's reference to " blood, toil, tears and sweat " echoing Garibaldi and Theodore Roosevelt in popular recollection to "blood, sweat and tears". This has been reduced to the commonly heard triad "nasty, brutish and short".

The Welsh Triads and Irish Triads suggest the use of threes was also a mnemonic device—easy-to-learn verses that were pointers to other information also committed to memory by Druids. A common feature of legal documents which give property or grant rights as drafted by legal professionals perpetuates old English practice in which the rule of three echoes the intended Act by the varying restatement of the act in triplicate.

Usually in court a common example is quoted: "tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    The Rule of Three The Rule of Three
    The Rule of Three The Rule of Three
    The Rule of Three The Rule of Three
    The Rule of Three The Rule of Three
    The Rule of Three The Rule of Three
    The Rule of Three The Rule of Three
    The Rule of Three The Rule of Three
    The Rule of Three The Rule of Three

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