The Ex, Oceans Apart Short Story #2

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Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Virginia "Ginny" Peterson , Tristan Armstrong. Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Oceans Apart, 1 , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3.

Oceans Apart - Rupeni Caucaunibuca

Rating details. More filters. Sort order. The cliffhanger is too real. I can't imagine sticking around for the next three parts. View all 20 comments. This was a pretty good book. Ginny Peterson thought she had it all great job, great friends and an even greater boyfriend until she caught him cheating with another woman.

Ginny buries herself in her work until her friend Kari convinces her that she needs a night out on the town when she meets Tristan Armstrong a British tattooed billionaire with an accent that curls her toes! This was a really good book although I d This was a pretty good book. This was a really good book although I don't think I could do the long distance relationship thing.

I really liked both of these character's and I also liked Ginny's bff Kari. I didn't like Ginny's ex Brad he was creepy to me. The sex scenes were hot. When I started reading this book I didn't know that this book had a cliffhanger thank god book two is already out This was my first time reading this author. This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

This was a good read. Ginny meets Tristan while out at a club one night. They spend the day at the beach before he leaves to go back to England. The problem is that neither can get the other one out of their heads. They spend a lot of the book messaging each other back and forth. It causes some drama but the ending was crazy. I look forward to seeing how it's all going to play out. This is an amazing story but I was not happy with the end.

Yes, it ended too soon. Nothing wrong with that except that I was not ready for it to end. So with that being said, I loved this one. Ginny was trying to get over a bad breakup and with the help of her BFF Kari, she just might do that. Meeting Tristan at the club was something she was not expecting but she was happy about it. After all, he is British and that sexy accent has her swooning. After spending most of Saturday with him, he has This is an amazing story but I was not happy with the end.

After spending most of Saturday with him, he has to leave early Sunday going back to London. She doesn't want the time to end. So they exchange information and she friends him on Facebook. They will keep in touch that way. After a few months messaging and talking on Skype and venturing into unknown things for Ginny.

She loves it and the feelings are growing between them. But there are over 5, miles between them. Can they make a relationship work? Will Tristan talk his father into branching out to the States and then he can be with Ginny?

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What will Ginny do when the ex-boyfriend turns back up? This is a first for me from Amanda Heartley and I can't wait for more. Hot English accent, tattooed dirty talking, setting, Tristan He has morals works hard and is yummy Ginny is an easy going down to earth smart 23y. Oceans apart is a really good romance story with an ocean between the H and h.

Throw in a crazy stalker ex h' s money Hungrey femme fatale H' s and the odds are not in favor of our couple. Good short read, cliffhanger but all next books are out Hot, steamy, couldn't put it down. I was so into the book that I had no clue that it was about to end and almost threw my iphone across the room when I realized I had to wait until book 2 to continue! If cliff hangers make you mad be forewarned.

But the story is great. Ginny and Tristan are so into each other that it doesn't matter if they can't actually touch - it's still hot! This book was very different than my usual reads. It was not a bad book, yet it wasn't great either. Aug 12, Maja rated it it was amazing. Oh my God, this was such an incredible book. I loved this story. And ending. Oh my god, I was totally shocked, did not see that coming.

On to book 2. Thankfully I don't have to wait for it. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Aug 15, Coco. V marked it as to-read Shelves: freebie. Oceans Apart is the first book I have read from Amanda Heartley and will not be my last. I enjoy her writing style and the balance of the story line.

Virginia or Ginny as she goes by, has been betrayed in the worst way. Sure it has been six months or so, but she isn't ready to give love another go just yet. Ginny concentrates on work while moving on from the past and living in the now. That type of living includes her best friend and attention getter, Kari. While at the club one Saturday night, Kari accidentally finds the perfect guy for Ginny while giving her a pep talk.

Enter Tristan Armstrong. Tristan is in town for business, then headed back to his home in England.


He was sitting at the club to unwind from his stuffy life while away. Never in a million years did he think an American girl would tickle his fancy like Ginny did. This is where the story gets interesting as I am a big fan of email and texts back and forth between couples. After spending some time together, Ginny gives Tristan her Facebook information and they promise to keep in touch. Boy does Tristan keep in touch, he is explained as an English business man with a few book boyfriend traits hiding under his suit , but give this guy a computer and he transformed in my mind.

This is where the book amped up the sexy a few hundred notches. Tristan said and typed such sweet and dirty things to Ginny-I loved it! The relationship is difficult for Tristan and Ginny to navigate from 5, miles away. As I was reading, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Which it does. In a big way. The book is well written and I am on pins and needles to see what happens next.

Thank you Amanda Heartley for the opportunity to read it. Ginny has decided to finally move on with her life after her break-up with her boyfriend Brad. She broke up with Brad when she caught him cheating on her and she was pretty upset for a while. They get to talking and hit it off. They decide to meet again the following day for a day at the beach and get to know each other a little better. Tristan goes to the States for a meeting with his Ginny has decided to finally move on with her life after her break-up with her boyfriend Brad.

Tristan goes to the States for a meeting with his dad. His dad owns a company in England and is pretty wealthy. Although Tristan comes from money, he doesn't care to have a cushy job behind a desk and a computer. He likes to work out doors and get his hands dirty. When he meets Ginny he instantly likes her. They decide to exchange numbers and start a long distance friendship that later turns into more. They both have feelings for each other but it's hard for them to do anything or express how they feel through text message or via webcam.

But things heat up between them and let me tell you I find it hot when they do the whole sexting. I've never done a webcam especially an erotic one like them but it sure sounds hot and fun. I thought this first part of Ocean's Apart was wonderful. Amanda doesn't seem to fail me when it comes to her stories. I am antsy for the next part because it left off in a cliffhanger, but I don't mind the cliffhangers at all. I find them more intriguing and I love the feeling of anticipating the next book.

Slow to start but oh so worth it. The build up is phenomenal!

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Oceans Apart is a very sweet romance about two people who instantly have a shared comfort with each other they can't explain. They spend less than 24 hours together and instantly enjoy what little time they have together enough to be long distance friends. And as the duo learn about each other, they favor their time they have to spare enjoying each other from afar. They tell each other their hopes, dreams and their fears.

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Whe Slow to start but oh so worth it. When their trust and companionship adds lust they become closer than ever and in need of more. Friendships are tested, hopes and dreams are what keep your day bright. All to leave you at the end of your seat screaming for more, this is an amazing story of love and hope. I need more!!!!! I received this in return for an honest review. With little oxygen left in the system, Bud explains he knew it was a one-way trip, and tells Lindsey he loves her.

As he waits for death, an NTI approaches Bud, takes his hand, and guides him to an alien ship deep in the trench. Inside the ship, the NTIs create an atmospheric pocket for Bud, allowing him to breathe normally. The NTIs then play back Bud's message to his wife and they look at each other with understanding. On Deep Core the crew is waiting for rescue when they see a message from Bud that he met some friends and warns them to hold on.

The base shakes and lights from the trench bring the arrival of the alien ship. It rises to the ocean's surface, with Deep Core and several of the surface ships run aground on its hull. The crew of Deep Core exit the platform, surprised they are not suffering from decompression sickness.

They see Bud walking out of the alien ship and Lindsey races to hug him. In the extended version , the events in the film are played against a backdrop of conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union, with the potential for all-out war; the sinking of the Montana additionally fuels the aggression. There is more conflict between Bud and Lindsey in regard to their former relationship.

The primary addition is the ending: when Bud is taken to the alien ship, they start by showing him images of war and aggression from news sources around the globe. The aliens then create massive megatsunamis that threaten the world's coasts, but stop them short before they hit. Bud asks why they spared the humans and they show Bud his message to Lindsey.

Wells was the first to introduce the notion of a sea alien in his short story " In the Abyss ". Falejczyk, who was the first human to breathe fluid through his lungs in experiments conducted by Johannes A. The basic idea did not change, but many of the details evolved over the years. Once Cameron arrived in Hollywood, he quickly realized that a group of scientists was not that commercial and changed it to a group of blue-collar workers. These images reminded him of his short story.

He then wrote the script, basing the character of Lindsey on Hurd and finished it by the end of The cast and crew trained for underwater diving for one week in the Cayman Islands. Furthermore, Cameron's production company had to design and build experimental equipment and develop a state-of-the-art communications system that allowed the director to talk underwater to the actors and dialogue to be recorded directly onto tape for the first time.

Cameron had originally planned to shoot on location in the Bahamas where the story was set but quickly realized that he needed to have a completely controlled environment because of the stunts and special visual effects involved. Two specially constructed tanks were used. The first one, based on the abandoned plant's primary reactor containment vessel, held 7. At the time, it was the largest fresh-water filtered tank in the world. Additional scenes were shot in the second tank, an unused turbine pit, which held 2. It consisted of six partial and complete modules that took over half a year to plan and build from scratch.

Someone Else's Ocean

Can-Dive Services Ltd. Two million dollars was spent on set construction. Filming was also done at the largest underground lake in the world—a mine in Bonne Terre, Missouri , which was the background for several underwater shots. The main tank was not ready in time for the first day of principal photography.

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Cameron delayed filming for a week and pushed the smaller tank's schedule forward, demanding that it be ready weeks ahead of schedule. In addition, enormous pipes with elbow fittings had been improperly installed. There was so much water pressure in them that the elbows blew off. Cameron's cinematographer, Mikael Salomon , used three cameras in watertight housings that were specially designed.

The filmmakers had to figure out how to keep the water clear enough to shoot and dark enough to look realistic at 2, feet m , which was achieved by floating a thick layer of plastic beads in the water and covering the top of the tank with an enormous tarpaulin. Safety conditions were also a major factor with the installation of a decompression chamber on site, along with a diving bell and a safety diver for each actor.

The breathing fluid used in the film actually exists but has only been thoroughly investigated in animals. The rat shown in the film was actually breathing fluid and survived unharmed. Ed Harris did not actually breathe the fluid. He held his breath inside a helmet full of liquid while being towed 30 feet 10 m below the surface of the large tank. He recalled that the worst moments were being towed with fluid rushing up his nose and his eyes swelling up.

Cameron and the person underwater diving crew sank to 50 feet 17 m and stayed down for five hours at a time. To avoid decompression sickness, they would have to hang from hoses halfway up the tank for as long as two hours, breathing pure oxygen. The cast and crew endured over six months of grueling six-day, hour weeks on an isolated set. At one point, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio had a physical and emotional breakdown on the set and on another occasion, Ed Harris burst into spontaneous sobbing while driving home.

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Cameron himself admitted, "I knew this was going to be a hard shoot, but even I had no idea just how hard. I don't ever want to go through this again". It took him more than four hours to set up the shot safely. Jim Cameron is the type of director who pushes you to the edge, but he doesn't make you do anything he wouldn't do himself. Over-chlorination led to divers' skin burning and exposed hair being stripped off or turning white.

As production went on, the slow pace and daily mental and physical strain of filming began to wear on the cast and crew. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio remembered, "We never started and finished any one scene in any one day". Michael Biehn also grew frustrated by the waiting. He claimed that he was in South Carolina for five months and only acted for three to four weeks. It was so black I couldn't see my hand. I couldn't surface. I realized I might not get out of there. We just had to get our frustrations out. Harris later denied this rumor and helped promote the film.

Fun to make is not one of them. To create the alien water tentacle, Cameron initially considered cel animation or a tentacle sculpted in clay and then animated via stop-motion techniques with water reflections projected onto it. The set was photographed from every angle and digitally recreated so that the pseudopod could be accurately composited into the live-action footage. The film was to have opened on July 4, , but its release was delayed for more than a month by production and special effects problems.

Studio executives were nervous about the film's commercial prospects when preview audiences laughed at scenes of serious intent. Industry insiders said that the release delay was because nervous executives ordered the film's ending completely re-shot. The critical consensus states: "The utterly gorgeous special effects frequently overshadow the fact that The Abyss is also a totally gripping, claustrophobic thriller, complete with an interesting crew of characters.

David Ansen of Newsweek , summarizing the theatrical release, wrote, "The payoff to The Abyss is pretty damn silly — a portentous deus ex machina that leaves too many questions unanswered and evokes too many other films. In the end, however, this torpedo turns out to be a dud—it swerves at the last minute, missing its target and exploding ineffectually in a flash of fantasy and fairy-tale schtick. While praising the film's first two hours as "compelling", the Toronto Star remarked, "But when Cameron takes the adventure to the next step, deep into the heart of fantasy, it all becomes one great big deja boo.

If we are to believe what Cameron finds way down there, E. But the dopey wrap-up sinks the rest 20, leagues. I'd sooner believe that Moby Dick could swim up the drainpipe. The release of the Special Edition in garnered much praise. Each giving it thumbs up, Siskel remarked, " The Abyss has been improved," and Ebert added, "It makes the film seem more well rounded. It was also nominated for:. The film ended up winning a total of three other awards from these organizations. The soundtrack to The Abyss was released on August 22, Even as the film was in the first weeks of its theatrical release, rumors were circulating of a wave sequence missing from the film's end.

From the distributor's perspective, the looming three-hour length limited the number of times the film could be shown each day, assuming that audiences would be willing to sit through the entire film, though 's Dances with Wolves would shatter both industry-held notions. Further, test audience screenings revealed a surprisingly mixed reaction to the sequences as they appeared in their unfinished form; in post-screening surveys, they dominated both the "Scenes I liked most" and "Scenes I liked least" fields.

Contrary to speculation, studio meddling was not the cause of the shortened length; Cameron held final cut as long as the film met a running time of roughly two hours and 15 minutes. He later noted, "Ironically, the studio brass were horrified when I said I was cutting the wave. What emerges in the winnowing process is only the best stuff. And I think the overall caliber of the film is improved by that. I cut only two minutes of Terminator. On Aliens , we took out much more. I even reconstituted some of that in a special TV release version. The sense of something being missing on Aliens was greater for me than on The Abyss , where the film just got consistently better as the cut got along.

The film must function as a dramatic, organic whole. When I cut the film together, things that read well on paper, on a conceptual level, didn't necessarily translate to the screen as well. I felt I was losing something by breaking my focus.

The Ex, Oceans Apart Short Story #2 The Ex, Oceans Apart Short Story #2
The Ex, Oceans Apart Short Story #2 The Ex, Oceans Apart Short Story #2
The Ex, Oceans Apart Short Story #2 The Ex, Oceans Apart Short Story #2
The Ex, Oceans Apart Short Story #2 The Ex, Oceans Apart Short Story #2
The Ex, Oceans Apart Short Story #2 The Ex, Oceans Apart Short Story #2

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