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With the killer poised to strike yet again, Kiera and Gage must make haste and unmask the fiend, before their matrimonial bliss comes to an untimely end Audio Books:.

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Bring on book six! Anna Lee Huber is a supremely talented author, and these books are complex, impeccably plotted, and clearly well-researched.

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In addition to creating the wonderful characters, she brings the culture and the landscape into full view, and there is a strong sense of place. A Pressing Engagement Lady Darby 4. With her wedding to fellow investigator Sebastian Gage only a day away, Kiera is counting down the hours. But just when matrimonial jitters threaten to consume her, Kiera receives a welcome distraction in the form of a mysterious gold necklace.

The Celtic torc, thought missing for decades, was directly involved in a recent investigation.

Now, Kiera feels compelled to uncover the truth behind its sudden reappearance. But with an overwhelming flock of wedding guests, a muddled cat, an unpaid favor, and a ferocious storm throwing things into disarray, it's anyone's guess whether Kiera and Gage will actually make it to the altar This novella is currently only available in electronic form, but it is not necessary to own an E-reader in order to read it. You can download the Kindle or other E-reader apps to your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

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  • You can also use the Kindle Cloud Reader and read it directly inside your web browser. After a tumultuous courtship complicated by three deadly inquiries, Lady Kiera Darby is thrilled to have found both an investigative partner and a fiance in Sebastian Gage.

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    But with her well-meaning-and very pregnant-sister planning on making their wedding the event of the season, Kiera could use a respite from the impending madness. Commissioned to paint the portrait of Lady Drummond, Kiera is saddened when she recognizes the pain in the baroness's eyes. Lord Drummond is a brute, and his brusque treatment of his wife forces Kiera to think of the torment caused by her own late husband. Kiera isn't sure how to help, but when she finds Lady Drummond prostrate on the floor, things take a fatal turn. The physician called to the house and Lord Drummond appear satisfied to rule her death natural, but Kiera is convinced that poison is the real culprit.

    Now, armed only with her knowledge of the macabre and her convictions, Kiera intends to discover the truth behind the baroness's death-no matter what, or who, stands in her way Our fascinating heroine finds danger in both the dank alleys and the glittering homes of the wealthy, where nothing is what it seems and she must even doubt the loyalty of those who profess to love her.

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    A thoroughly enjoyable read! Kiera is sure Lady Drummond was poisoned and sets out to prove it Kiera's options are limited at a time when women were severely reined in both by law and custom, but she uses the resources she has with verve and vigor - Publishers Weekly Set in Scotland, the latest Lady Darby mystery fascinates with its compelling heroine who forges her own way in a society that frowns upon female independence. The crime itself is well planned and executed. From back streets to drawing rooms, and many places in-between, A Study in Death delivers a plot as twisted as the cobbled lanes of Edinburgh itself.

    Characters from the past, favors called in and favors owed, and a hint of what's yet to come all promise that this is far from the last we'll hear from Kiera and Gage. Following the death of her dear friend, Lady Kiera Darby is in need of a safe haven. Returning to her childhood home, Kiera hopes her beloved brother Trevor and the merriment of the Hogmanay Ball will distract her. But when a caretaker is murdered and a grave is disturbed at nearby Dryburgh Abbey, Kiera is once more thrust into the cold grasp of death.

    Shadows on the Sea

    While Kiera knows that aiding in another inquiry will only further tarnish her reputation, her knowledge of anatomy could make the difference in solving the case. But agreeing to investigate means Kiera must deal with the complicated emotions aroused in her by inquiry agent Sebastian Gage. When Gage arrives, he reveals that the incident at the Abbey was not the first-some fiend is digging up old bones and holding them for ransom. Now Kiera and Gage must catch the grave robber and put the case to rest Huber deftly evokes both the pair's attraction and the period's flavor - Publishers Weekly Both the high-society setting and the developing relationship between Kiera and Gage that parallels the criminal investigation will appeal to fans of historical romances as well as mysteries.

    Lady Kiera Darby is no stranger to intrigue-in fact, it seems to follow wherever she goes. After her foray into murder investigation, Kiera must journey to Edinburgh with her family so that her pregnant sister can be close to proper medical care. But the city is full of many things Kiera isn't quite ready to face: the society ladies keen on judging her, her fellow investigator-and romantic entanglement-Sebastian Gage, and ultimately, another deadly mystery.

    Kiera's old friend Michael Dalmay is about to be married, but the arrival of his older brother-and Kiera's childhood art tutor-William, has thrown everything into chaos. For ten years Will has been missing, committed to an insane asylum by his own father. Kiera is sympathetic to her mentor's plight, especially when rumors swirl about a local girl gone missing. Now Kiera must once again employ her knowledge of the macabre and join forces with Gage in order to prove the innocence of a beloved family friend-and save the marriage of another The storyline is dark and foreboding giving a mysterious quality to both the characters and the setting.

    MORTAL ARTS is a must read, and is one of those rare books that will both shock and please readers - Fresh Fiction Strong and lively characters as well as believable family dynamics, however, elevate this above stock genre fare. Furthermore, the underlying mystery deals with a serious, even horrifying, subject-the treatment of the insane in asylums. Readers should be prepared for some grim tales, though credit Huber for not turning this into a treatise on post-traumatic stress disorder. Rather, she assembles a collection of facts that unfold gradually, serving the story rather than the other way around - Publishers Weekly The working relationship between Lady Darby and Sebastian Gage continues to become increasingly personal in Huber's latest mystery.

    The setting is described in detail, bringing 18th-century Scotland to life. The characters are true to their time period, yet their emotional qualities allow readers to identify with them. The mystery is well plotted, with many unique twists that stem from Lady Darby's unconventional role in life - RT Book Reviews A unique and compelling page-turner that readers will enjoy from start to finish. Following the death of her husband, Lady Darby has taken refuge at her sister's estate, finding solace in her passion for painting.

    But when her hosts throw a house party for the cream of London society, Kiera is unable to hide from the ire of those who believe her to be as unnatural as her husband, an anatomist who used her artistic talents to suit his own macabre purposes. Kiera wants to put her past aside, but when one of the house guests is murdered, her brother-in-law asks her to utilize her knowledge of human anatomy to aid the insufferable Sebastian Gage-a fellow guest with some experience as an inquiry agent.

    While Gage is clearly more competent than she first assumed, Kiera isn't about to let her guard down as accusations and rumors swirl. When Kiera and Gage's search leads them to even more gruesome discoveries, a series of disturbing notes urges Lady Darby to give up the inquiry. But Kiera is determined to both protect her family and prove her innocence, even as she risks becoming the next victim Praise For The Anatomist's Wife Anna Lee Huber's spirited debut mixes classic country house mystery with a liberal dash of historical romance.

    Fans of Tasha Alexander and Agatha Christie rejoice! Huber deftly weaves together an original premise, an enigmatic heroine, and a compelling Highland setting for a book you won't want to put down. I cannot wait for the second installment of Lady Darby's adventures. In November the MDPH held a public hearing to collect public testimony and written statements regarding the implementing regulations on January 30, Meanwhile, Brown and Williamson, Lorillard, RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris tobacco companies successfully fought this legislation in federal court [ 6 , 7 ].

    At the same time the companies volunteered to conduct a study called the Massachusetts Benchmark Study that they inaccurately claimed would allow MDPH to estimate the levels of specific chemicals in the smoke of all brands on the market [ 8 ]. This analysis uses previously secret tobacco documents made available as part of litigation to research what strategies were used by Philip Morris in response to ingredient legislation proposed in Massachusetts and, then, Vermont. Understanding these strategies can inform likely industry opposition to effective implementation of FDA regulation of tobacco products and implementation of FCTC Articles 9 and 10 [ 3 ].

    We used established methods for conducting research on tobacco industry documents [ 9 , 10 ]. Additional documents were found by reviewing adjacent documents Bates numbers. These searches identified tobacco industry documents detailing corporate strategies for dealing with proposed ingredient regulations in Massachusetts and Vermont. External organizations working with the companies were identified and subsequent searches were completed using their organization names including "Chayet," a communications firm that worked with PM, and "Roper Starch," a polling company that frequently worked with the tobacco companies.

    We identified individuals working for Chayet using documents that listed their name and organization position. We completed subsequent searches using these names to identify additional organizations and individuals that had opposed ingredient disclosure. We triangulated information from the available documents and other sources to validate and contextualize the information we found in the documents.

    As a practical matter, the results from the different sources were quite consistent. S1 Text presented a much more detailed description of these methods. In October , two months after ingredient disclosure legislation was enacted in Massachusetts, Philip Morris hired Chayet Communications Group to provide consulting services concerning ingredients disclosure, proposed statutes dealing with state Medicaid plans likely mobilizing against emerging state lawsuits against the cigarette companies that sought to recover the costs to Medicaid of smoking-induced diseases and proposed indoor smoking restrictions nationwide [ 11 ].

    Chayet started working to establish a coalition in Massachusetts to mobilize political opposition against implementing the proposed regulations. The Kraft CEO had previously opposed the disclosure of tobacco flavorings [ 13 ]. Chayet sought to win support for Philip Morris' efforts to oppose ingredient disclosure by expanding the issue to be larger than tobacco policy conflict and framing it as an issue that impacted other industrial sectors. A central strategy for doing so was to file an amicus brief in the pending lawsuit between the tobacco companies and the state of Massachusetts regarding ingredient disclosure.

    Kraft recommended to Chayet that the Grocery Manufacturers Association GMA , a long-time ally of the tobacco companies [ 15 ], file an amicus brief. Following the December meeting with the Kraft, Chayet attended a luncheon with 15 representatives from local trade associations and businesses Table 1 to discuss the importance of filing the amicus brief and developing testimony and statements to make against the ingredient regulations.

    In addition to arguing that federal law preempted state tobacco ingredient disclosure laws, the draft declared that a state law requiring food manufacturers to provide brand-specific information on spices, flavors and colors would conflict with Congress' purpose of protecting food ingredient trade secret information, upset the balance struck by Congress between public disclosure and protection of commerce, impose the state's product-disclosure policies on the entire nation and destroy the value of food manufacturers' trade secrets in every state and throughout the world [ 16 ].

    On January 16, , an employee working in the Philip Morris legal department forwarded a colleague a summary draft of how ingredient disclosure laws could impact other business and the value of intellectual property [ 17 ] with instruction to forward it to Chayet [ 18 ]. The draft explained the tobacco industry's current position and urged for action in the form of testimony or written statements at the upcoming hearing January 30— This hearing was the final opportunity for all business concerned about intellectual property rights to urge the agency to issue final regulations which protect trade secrets to the greatest extent possible [ 17 ].

    The draft also argued that the proposed regulations did not merely require the same level of disclosure for cigarettes as they did for food and beverages as had been reported in the press and that disclosure of all flavorings and trade secrets would be the same as exposing the formulae of Coke, Pepsi and Big Mac secret sauce [ 17 ].

    One week later Chayet sent an email [ 19 ] with a list of "facts" to representatives from the trade organizations [ 20 ].

    Secrets Among the Shadows II Sims 3 Warrior Cats Episode #12 II

    These "facts" consisted of the same arguments discussed by Chayet and Kraft that linked ingredient disclosure to other industries and claimed this kind of regulation was bad for the economy [ 20 ]. On January 27, an employee in Philip Morris legal wrote Chayet reporting that Philip Morris and the other tobacco companies had decided there was no "constructive purpose served by their appearing personally to testify at the MDPH hearings later this week" because "all indications are that rather than a balanced, unbiased forum to examine the proper scope of the proposed regulations, the hearings will be a "media circus" with the primary objective of bashing the tobacco industry so as to guarantee news headlines for the various government officials involved.

    Neither the trade organizations nor tobacco companies testified at the hearing; instead Chayet successfully mobilized the food trade organizations to submit written comments and a press release opposing the regulation [ 22 ]. Richard Salinsky, then president of the Best Petroleum Company based in Massachusetts and member of the Society of Independent Gasoline marketers of America SIGMA , argued that the proposed regulations did not protect consumers because it could create the illusion of safer cigarettes [ 23 ]. They also argued that ingredient disclosure would create a black market for cigarettes that would hurt Massachusetts tax-paying business [ 26 ].

    The release continued, "there are many people that would applaud that action but we are not among them because our members would be devastated by this loss of revenue and be forced out of business" [ 27 ]. In March , Philip Morris hired Roper Starch, a polling firm frequently used by the tobacco industry [ 29 , 30 , 31 ], to conduct interviews with a nationally representative sample of adults on ingredient disclosure [ 32 ]. Roper Starch also asked about regulations in other kinds of products, specifically food, household cleaning products, paint, alcoholic beverages and soda.

    These findings may have provided important intelligence that led the Philip Morris-hired communications group to specifically mention food Big Macs as an area that ingredient legislation could impact in their "fact sheet. Roper Starch also polled which different arguments were viewed as being the strongest in opposition of ingredient regulation Table 2. These arguments were focused on government overreach e. In the end, the cigarette companies won in court and the effort for ingredient disclosure in Massachusetts died [ 33 ].

    In February , a bill was introduced in the Vermont Legislature to require tobacco companies to disclose the "identity of any additive other than tobacco, water or reconstituted tobacco sheet made wholly from tobacco and the weight, measure or numerical count of each additive" [ 34 ] and gave the Vermont Department of Public Health the authority to release the information to the public if it was deemed to be in the interest of public health.

    As part of the education outreach Philip Morris planned to engage the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, Vermont Grocers, Vermont Lodging and Hospitality Association and the Vermont National Federation of Independent Businesses through a series of briefings to explain why brand ingredient disclosure is bad for local business [ 35 ]. The plan states "In all of our efforts we have a single communications message: State legislation requiring disclosure of tobacco product ingredients is preempted by federal law. Any attempt to legislate this at the state level represents a slippery slope that could lead to the forced disclosure of trade secrets and recipes for a variety of products including ice cream to pancake syrup" [ 35 ].

    Ice cream and maple syrup are major products produced in Vermont. Philip Morris suggested creating an op-ed to be submitted by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce and providing letters to small business owners and third party executive directors to submit to their local newspapers. Philip Morris also planned polling that they could release showing overwhelming opposition to brand ingredient disclosure. The second "legislative process phase" included mobilizing business owners, managers and executives to send letters to their legislators.

    Philip Morris also planned to try and mobilize the general public with materials placed at the point of sale, including postcards placed at restaurant counters for customers to take, sign, fill in their name and address and return to the restaurant manager. The postcards read, "As a Vermont consumer I believe state government is going way to far buy [sic] singling out one product that happens to be in disfavor, and requiring it's makers to share their recipes and trade secrets.

    When government starts wading into these-type of issues, it is getting too big and our freedoms are being lost" [ 35 ]. The AAA was a program nominally designed by Phillip Morris to prevent youth access to tobacco through a series of voluntary steps including placing minimum age language on packages, training vendors on sales to minors and providing materials on asking for proof of age identification [ 36 , 37 ].

    This full plan does not appear to have been put in to effect because the Vermont bill died after being sent to committee, but provides evidence that Philip Morris planned to employ similar strategies to fight ingredient disclosure to those used in Massachusetts. The use of trade associations and business by Philip Morris in Massachusetts and proposed plans in Vermont serve as an example of the kind of strategies that tobacco companies and large businesses can employ to fight regulations that are likely to negatively impact their business.

    These strategies can be employed after regulations are formally proposed to prevent them from actually being implemented by creating the appearance of localized and broad-based opposition. The tobacco companies have previously used this strategy to oppose regulations, including opposing tax increases on cigarettes [ 38 , 39 ], smokefree laws and policies [ 40 , 41 , 42 , 43 , 44 , 45 , 46 ], and health care legislation [ 47 ].


    Shadows on the Sea

    Through these efforts, the tobacco companies increased the number of involved parties in the conflicts by framing the issue as part of a larger conflict that impacts other industries. So the secret can be obtained through the participants' cooperation. In contrast, if the number of participants is less than t , the shadow containing these participants is a forbidden set, that is, it cannot reconstruct the F x by LIP. To prevent intruders from being suspicious about the shadows, the proposed scheme camouflages the shadows with host images to generate n meaningful shadow images.

    Given a secret image, the dealer is responsible for preparing n cover images and then generates n shadow images with the secret image. Using different number of shadow images, secret images with different visual quality can be reconstructed by the participants, that is, the more shadow images are used, the better quality of the reconstructed secret image has.

    The process of reconstructing is described in Subsection 4. To describe the scheme clearly, an example of the two procedures is introduced in Subsection 4. The proposed scheme uses grayscale images as test images. The pixel value is ranged from 0 to The small change of pixel value is hard to observe with the human vision system, so we can change the value of every pixel slightly to embed the secret image. In the proposed scheme, the dealer first prepares host images and a secret image. Then, in the same way, take out the first pixel in both host 1 and host 2 , which we assume are b and c , respectively.

    Next, we find number i , which is also the part number of a , in the located block and record the abscissa value and ordinate value of i as b 1 and c 1 , respectively. Then b 1 is put into shadow 1 and c 1 is put into shadow 2. Repeat Step 2 until all pixels in the secret image and the two host images are processed. The rest of the shadow images can also be generated by following the same method until we have images. The process of reconstructing is the reverse of the process of producing shadows but very similar to it. The process is as follows: Step 1: Divide array [0, ] into N 2 average parts as in Step 1 in the process of shadow generation.

    Then take out the first pixel in both the shadow 1 and shadow 2 , which we assume are p and q , respectively. Then mapping p and q at matrix M , we acquire an integer called x. Then take the first pixel of shadow 3 , which we assume is m. Mapping Avg x and m at matrix M , we obtain an integer y. Then take the first pixel in shadow 4 , which we assume is n. Mapping Avg xy and n at matrix M , we obtain a digit z.

    Step 4: Do as in Step 3 until the last shadow image is processed. The detailed description of the embedding procedure and the reconstructing procedure is described in Subsections 4. Step 1: Divide the array [0, ] into nine parts. Each of the first eight arrays contains 28 digits and the last array contains the rest of the digits. Step 2: Take out the first pixel from the secret image and assume its value is Referring to a and b, we can acquire a block, and there must be a number 2, which is the segment to which the secret number 36 belongs.

    Then find the new segment number 3, which is the number of the segment to which the secret 36 belongs, in the located block. Step 4: Continue to divide part A 33 into nine parts. We cannot divide averagely, so we add the same digits as the last digit in the array; that is, we deal with the nine parts like this: [34] [35] [36] [36] [36] [36] [36] [36] [36]. Following the example of the shadow generation phase, an example of the reconstruction process is illustrated as follows.

    Referring to the matrix, we acquire the integer 3. We use the notation shadow s. That is, our proposed scheme can successfully camouflage shadows from intruders. In addition, to evaluate the performance of the proposed scheme, we compare the experimental results with Chen and Lin's 18 scheme. We use the same test images to make a fair comparison. Obviously, the proposed scheme achieves higher PSNR of the same shadow images. In every table, we can see that shadow images like shadow 1 and shadow 2 have a higher value of PSNR, while shadow 3 , shadow 4 , and other shadow images have a lower value.

    After the process of reconstruction, we obtain the secret image using the shadow images. Image a is recovered with two shadow images and image b is recovered with three shadow images, while image c is recovered with four shadow images and image d is the original secret image. We can figure that by using more shadow images, the recovered image is closer to the original image.

    When using all the shadow images, the recovered image has no distortion.

    Secrets Among the Shadows
    Secrets Among the Shadows
    Secrets Among the Shadows
    Secrets Among the Shadows
    Secrets Among the Shadows
    Secrets Among the Shadows
    Secrets Among the Shadows

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