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Agartha's Castaway

The sci-fi elements are completely secondary here, which isn't a bad thing, but it certainly makes its impact all the more devastating. Two snipers, the old mentor versus the former student, both the best at what they do, forced to make horrendous choices because of the stupidity of politics. A military SF anthology would be easy to fill with the "usual suspects" who write in the subgenre on a regular basis, and some of the names in the anthology certainly fit that profile.

However, the editors have taken a lot of care and effort in making this not only a balanced anthology in terms of gender and diversity, but including authors you might not immediately expect to write Military SF, such as Ken Liu, Yoon Ha Lee and Susan Jane Bigelow. Bahamut - Phantazein anthology, ed. Tehani Wessely, Fablecroft Publishing, Oct Read reviews at Tsana's Blog or Adventures of a Bookonaut. Which is more important, saving a kingdom or being loved?

The power of the titular oud a stringed instrument with roots in Near and Middle Eastern cultures is an understated, secret magic passed to protagonist Zahara from her mother, but ultimately used to catastrophic effect when Zahara is pushed too far by the ruling powers. OR support the very awesome Clarkesworld magazine with a subscription. She is operating the younger woman who got selected all her internal organs are removed and replaced with nanotech.

I wonder who no one thought about the conflict of interests. Otherwise a pretty good and well written story. When they took the extensive tests for the mission, Bridget came out number one. Now, through a convenient quirk of fate, Felicia is the one operating on her, removing her internal organs to be replaced by nanobots, required for the mission. Just one mistake would disqualify Bridget for the mission. Felicia reflects on her past and Bridget's as she removes organs one after the other.

Good story, but how else could it end other than the way it did? I have to say that I found this a bit uncomfortable, especially the bits set in the operating theatre as one of those mission specialists was prepared for the mission" - John's Reading. Night Heron's Curse to be reprinted in Novascapes anthology, ed. Cassandra Page, Order back-issues of Cosmos at the website or subscribe to eCosmos.

Read reviews here: The Future Fire. This largely well-functioning matriarchal culture is threatened both by corruption and deceit within, and by hostile foreigners without, as the protagonist, Kapras comes of age and to her own power. The world is sparely sketched, with background details hinted at or lightly shaded, but never info-dumped or made a focus of the story, a technique which is both effective and a delight to read.

They fall in different places on the science fiction to fantasy spectrum, but one thing they have in common is sheer innovativeness.

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These are the first stories I've read of Dyer's and I was very impressed. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more of her work in the future. But the world - oh, the world. Kvivik is a water world, with a human colony that appears to exist solely to supply water to its waterless sister-planet. Why these planets are worth the effort is unclear, and will perhaps be revealed by Dyer in her longer work. The story is mostly set amongst the dregs of society on Kvivik, which of course is where most of the best stories are found, and there are some distinctly unpleasant people there - and robots, and possibly half-humans, and a thoroughly mysterious Lady Adelaide.

The asymmetry is found in the haves vs the have-nots, and in intention vs action. I think this is probably my favourite story of the quartet. Yet, as you drift through Asymmetry's subtly distorted worlds, you are never quite sure what you are reading. Wrongness runs beneath the stories, a sense that things are not as they should be or that some important fact lies just beyond reach. This is not a book to skim, but one that rests on small details and requires concentration.

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Pay attention, and it will reward you with glimpses into astonishing places Each of Asymmetry's four stories establishes a world with complex characters and dark conflicts, lets those conflicts play out, then ends hauntingly, looking towards an uncertain future. Dyer has a gift for fitting large questions into small spaces. This gift, along with her grasp of the real and surreal, allows Asymmetry to successfully explore imbalances, transformations, and unsettling asymmetries.

Buy it here: Ticonderoga Online. It's a well executed cultural fusion blending both past and present. Buy it here: Fablecroft website. When they prevail against invaders, he realizes, "It was technology which had defended the tribe. Our tools had been better suited to the task at hand. Very well done, it's a story about old discoveries but, I thought, freshly told.

Read it online HERE. The heart of the story is there, and in Ally's case, it's all transmuted into guilt. In most such stories, the mother will refuse to choose, and everything turns out OK. Not here; Tara's body is found in the dunes. That's a strong statement. There's also a strong theme of radioactive contamination, a longstanding issue in Australia, where the uranium mines are powerful, and where the native population has been particularly victimized by contamination of their lands.

Symbolically, the tintookies are carrying on this struggle. Tempest Bradford 's place and Locus Online Reviews. Though this story is pure science fiction, it has a fantasy sensibility that I deeply love. Here again is that thing I like to read about: female empowerment mixed in with some coming of age. And comeuppance. I love me some comeuppance. Tempest Bradford. The metal ants are a fascinating notion" - Lois Tilton, Locus Online. A well-realized world makes this a good story. My favorite among them are the Clarkesworld podcasts narrated by Kate Baker.

They trade with the Island People, giving metal in exchange for gut bacteria that replenish the bacteria killed by the pesticides that blight the land in an attempt to stop the ants. The setup is intriguing and the twist in the tale is cool, too. Given that, in Australia, anything with too many legs or not enough legs is trying to kill you, I'm a bit nervous about this one.

Purchase here: Indie Books Online.

At the Earth’s Core .. Full Audio Book unabridged

Her merging of cinematic history and ancient myth is short, but also possibly the most fully realised and complete of the stories in the anthology. Like Flinthart's 'The Bull in Winter', it stands high above the other tales in the collection. Rather enigmatic in style, Dyer's brief tale is nevertheless atmospheric and exceedingly well written. So thanks Thoraiya, I did manage to keep my lunch down. Whatever you do, don't go looking for a bit of action in coal seam gas shed - fracking will be the least of your problems.

Buy it at Amazon for Kindle or in other formats direct from Apex. Read it free on the web HERE. The Sphinx, even more so than in her own time, is not to be trifled with. Interesting interpretation of the Sphinx.

Bestselling Series

I like the clash between ancient and modern and the unrelenting nature of the main character. The Sphinx is let loose upon unsuspecting Lebanon. There's a little bit of everything - a mad scientist, a talking AI, a deathly disease - but the story somehow still does not come across as a cheap genre mishmash. It probably helps that the Sphinx herself is a wonderful character. Mainly because it hits several of my story squids. I love the sphinxy narrator. I love the intelligent computer. It's just yummy. This story, on the other hand, is not like that.

Read it here: White Lies ; read associated interview here: Redstone Interview. Update: If the above link isn't working, try this link to the PDF. Brian is on a trip to China, where his network node doesn't work because of an incompatible network, and is faced with a problem. He has fallen in love with Felicity, who checks everything on the web. Brian has told a few white lies in their relationship, and is terrified that she will find them out. So he sets up a plan to save their romance. Thoraiya Dyer moves away from the familiar by having this network being used not just for facts, but as a giant social network where the truth is determined by consensus.

There is a second subplot that I could have done without, since it opens cans of worms outside the scope of the main story, but the story has some good twists and turns and the ending is a nice dose of irony. Read it free online HERE. The supernatural elements are kept to the last part in this story, with a very effective build up and skilfully inserted back story combining to make the ending quite powerful.

Update: May have been moved to the archives. Read reviews here: Last Short Story , Catsparx. To my mind, it's a perfect fit for the magazine. A talented new writer on the rise. Watch the trailer here: ET trailer at YouTube. As reported in Newcastle Herald Weekender , March 19th Large picture download - scanned-in proof. I loved this story. I haven't read anything by Thoraiya Dyer before but after this gem of a tale I can't wait to read more of her work. This story which is half of the latest TPP Double due out next month is a very powerful YA piece about a young Muslim girl and a Jewish boy who find themselves transported back through time to the ship of one of the most infamous pirates ever, in bodies which are not their own.

It's a great adventure story that touches upon more serious themes of culture, religion, gender and sexuality. In this story a boy and a girl find themselves transposed into the bodies and living the lives of real pirates, as a consequence of a costume party dress up. Each is resisting taking the path parents have laid out for them, and the reluctant med student is brought face to face with 'good old days' disease and the reluctant law student is brought to view the excesses and cruelties of an entirely lawless society.

Thoraiya was supposed to be writing her story for Sprawl when she sent me this novelette. She asked me to read it for an opinion - she thought it might be too offensive to submit anywhere. That immediately piqued my interest. I took it to Conflux with me to read and sat down one day at breakfast and inhaled it. As I began to read I got goosebumps I buy anything that gives me goosebumps because here was someone who knew what it was like to be me.

What it was like to grow up in Australia and be culturally different. She nailed it. There's a little bit of me in Layla and a little bit of me in Avi. I see this very much as a YA story - but a mature language wise YA story. These characters are struggling with the issues I struggled with at their age - at 15 and 16 and heck even maybe 19 and They struggle with who they are and who they want to be whilst also struggling with the pressure of being who other people want and expect them to be. Oh yeah, and there's pirates.

But you know, I'm not that into pirates Listen to podcast here: Twelfth Planet Cast Episode 3. I'm not going to try to summarise the story's rather complex plot here, but suffice to say that I think this one should be nominated for an award or two. It's made up of two stories. In one, a young mother struggles with the change from having a successful career to being at home with a baby. Dyer is sympathetic towards Zoe, but all too well captures the feelings of frustration and despair that can attend such a situation.

This story is paralleled by that of the Yowie, on a quest to find something he has lost, and in the process returns other lost things to their rightful place. The result is a story that is a superb look at one aspect of suburban life, teamed with a gentle magic. It took me three readings to completely understand it, but it was so worth it. The themes of motherhood and loss of identity and missing a person who is part of yourself are all so raw and powerful, the images so vivid.

Publisher's Summary

Buy it here: Amazon or Borders. Read reviews here: Melissajm , Rise Reviews. Talk about putting your characters in tough situations! And this story's got really neat aliens, too. Both gripping and entertaining it is the perfectly executed tale of woe. The plot is simple -- an apprentice to a master clockmaker is lured to the strange woman in the upstairs room, eventually to be seduced by her apparent sad plight.

She's not what she seems, of course. And the apprentice is in serious trouble -- but just perhaps there is a way out. And there is, but not the routine solution we might have expected. Nice work. Buy it here: Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. It's a fun intersection of Persian myth and the souring of one man's dream. The depiction of the master craftsman constructing the candles, and the dark sexuality of the story comes together to make a very memorable short story. Yet, aside from just being on the same planet, the two stories as with most in the anthology are held together by something more: a shared sense of the virtues and vices that are at the heart of New Ceres society and therefore, I think, at the heart of our modern view of the real Enlightenment.

Here, a chandelier - Etienne - is required to make seven candles for Widow Courboin. It's not nearly so easy an assignment as it sounds, of course, and there's an even greater twist just waiting to pounce on Etienne. Well told and thoroughly enjoyable, this story is uniquely Australian in theme and gets better with every reading. But Night Heron doesn't want to marry Crooked Spear, so she runs away. Being a good sister, Swamphen goes with her. As they flee, Night Heron is cursed by their tribe's shaman and is turned into a cliffside. Swamphen is saved, but she must kill the gigantic Eel-Shark in order to save her sister from the curse.

About the rewards of self-sacrifice and the vanity engendered from everything coming easily, Night Heron's curse is greater even than that which the shaman put on her. This story ends happily for Swamphen and is a sweet tale, almost a myth, about nobility of character. Buy it here: Twelfth Planet Press. Read reviews here: AS if! Here, though, the focus is a married couple, and the lengths one will go to for the other.

As with the other stories, there are also some broad hints at events from the intervening century. Medicine is one area that has been dramatically affected, as has transport; and this seems perfectly likely. The Peat-Digger is probably the nicest narrator of the anthology. She is a self-published romance writer with three titles available. Ready for Love , and the sequel Living in Love are available in both paperback and ebook versions. The Tango Foreplay is available in paperback.

Cheryle LaVonne is a mother of two and grandmother of two. She enjoys spoiling her grandchildren, family vacations and hanging out with friends. Other than writing, Cheryle LaVonne has expanded her business to offer handmade soaps and bath fizzies, etched glass and mirrors and personalized tshirts. The Apollo Theatre E. Over the course of the 20 th century, West Virginia contained an impressive diversity of movie theatres—ranging from multipurpose auditoriums in company towns to early nickelodeons and from ornate, urban picture palaces to neighborhood movie houses and suburban drive-ins.

Many of these theatres have since disappeared from the landscape, while others sit vacant or have been converted for other uses. Some, however, have been reopened or restored. They proudly provide their communities with entertainment today, whether showing films or hosting the performing arts. They serve as catalysts for local revitalization and as success stories showcasing the value of historic preservation.

Kelli began appreciating the need for historic preservation, public history interpretation, and heritage tourism while growing up in a California town located along the famed Route Center Inc. Since adolescence, Baltimore native J. Hawki knew she wanted to write. After reading books borrowed from her neighborhood bookmobile library, she discovered her love for thrillers. In , her debut psychological thriller, Elephants and Chopping Blocks Retain Their Natural Color was released and its third edition, re-released in February, In April , its sequel, Catch an Elephant by the Tail was released.

Being one of a small group of women writing in this genre, I hope to expose readers to true psychological thrillers crafted from a female perspective. Author J. Hawki combines years of experience in healthcare administration with a keen eye for detail to create a suspenseful psychological thriller featuring a strong, compelling, black female protagonist. Now retired, J. Hawki lives in Maryland with her family. To learn more about author J. Hawki and her novels, visit www. Kirsten Leone, a young, sexually indecisive, bi-racially mixed but obviously black Forensic Psychiatrist who possesses the professional insight of Hannibal Lecture coupled with the compassion of Alex Cross.

Grounded by a strong family and respected in her field, her personal life is in shambles. After a traumatic encounter on a train proves a precursor of things to come, Kirsten is thrust into an FBI investigation for a serial killer and soon becomes his target. Brazen attacks force the capable Kirsten into a defensive posture, and she shoots a suspect to death, however, retaliatory attacks continue. What ties her to this murderer?

GitHub - sindresorhus/awesome-scifi: Sci-Fi worth consuming

Kirsten is stunned to learn that her friend and mentor, Dr. Malcolm Johns may be involved, but by then Malcolm has disappeared. Is he victim or suspect? Renowned psychiatrist Kirsten Leone is frustrated. Relegated to a civilian role, Kirsten is anxiously awaiting further developments when her lover, Agent Ken Wiley, is abducted.

Kirsten is plunged back into the investigation despite various objections. What new clues will she uncover? Kirsten must decide to what lengths she is willing to go to put an end to the cycle of violence once and for all and bring killer to justice. He lives in Gettysburg, Pa. It is a Its history spans the 19th century and is filled with mishaps, crimes, secrets, and drama. David is a native Pittsburgher who has lived in beautiful West Virginia for the past 16 years.

He has two kids, works as a federal prosecutor, and likes to paint in his spare time. Larry is a little different from the other kids in his grade school class. He wants so badly to make art, but his messiness keeps getting in the way—with hilarious results. Great Uncle Ken helps Larry find a way to express the beauty he knew was inside him.

But, self-realization is often a messy process.

Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series

The undercurrent themes of compassion, acceptance, and understanding will resonate with many children. This book is a must-have for anyone who cares about encouraging the creativity or artistic development of a child. About the Author: Angelica Stuart has had a strong connection to animals her entire life. She loves spending time in nature, be it hiking or kayaking.

The following will be available for purchase—Chakra Animals: Discover Your Connection to the Wisdom of the Natural World, a card deck that accompanies the book will also be for sale. The animals of the world are filled with insights and lessons for their human friends. Chakra Animals shares the chakra wisdom of fifty familiar North American animals to support you in making changes in your life, especially in areas where you may be struggling.

Developing your connection to the animals that you resonate with is an important and fun activity that enhances your spirituality and sense of wellness, for example:. In this book, you will discover chakra interpretations for each of the seven chakras for all fifty animals— bite-sized bits of chakra wisdom in all! These insights will help you focus on specific goals that are important to you and they will help you remove inner blocks that may be holding you back.

You will also discover tips and techniques for integrating the chakra wisdom into your life and stories of personal transformation to help you process the profound guidance the animals share with you. Martinsburg Public Library W. King Street. Motivational messages that encourage positive thoughts and behaviors in children!

Beautifully illustrated to grab attention and create big smiles! After testifying at an infanticide trial, Ana is forced to reveal a dark secret from her past while she continues to hide a more sinister one. Set in Puerto Rico, against the combustive backdrop of a society where women are treated like possessions, multi-award-winning author Eleanor Parker Sapia explores the battle of two women defending their dignity against the pain of betrayal in a society resistant to change.

Downtown Winedown N.

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After college and marriage Lillian moved from the area but those little coal towns claimed a special place in her heart. Lillian spent most of her adult life working in a law firm in Washington, D. She now has time to re-visit those coal towns and share stories of an earlier life. Lillian is a two time non-fiction award winner and is currently working on another non-fiction writing. Sissy Crone, a coal camp kid brings to life the faded past of her hometown through a collection of stories told firsthand of heartache and loss, balanced by glorious triumphs.

The books tell of an ordinary family that survives extraordinary challenges. She and her siblings color a dark, damp coal camp town with humorous antics and daring adventures near the New River Gorge. Her name is unique and like no other. Tom Howard is a multi-genre author who, ever since meeting his wife nearly ten years ago, has lived in Martinsburg.

He first began his writing career at the age of ten, during which he wrote detective stories. An entire novel which spanned the front and back of a single sheet of paper! His love of writing continued to grow as he got older and eventually, at the age of twenty-six, wrote and published his first novel, One Summer. Over the years he has written several love stories, an inspirational novel, and just recently finished a supernatural thriller series. The one thing most all of his novels have in common is a Christian undertone, which is pretty obvious in some areas.

Tom tries to get the message of God and Jesus across in all he writes, whether it be two people falling in love or a former hitman turned demon killer. Because for him, God is number one. Tom knows without God he would not be where he is or have the gift and love of writing. One Summer — During the summer just after she turned nineteen, Hailey, found out she was moving across the country with her family. When it came to her parents, she was a rebellious young girl, and moving from L. Not knowing what to expect, Hailey soon met a twenty-one-year-old man named Jack, who for reasons unknown to Hailey, took a liking to her.

Eventually, Hailey learns Jack is hiding a secret…and it could mean life or death. It begins in Caged Light with trying to find out the identity of a mysterious woman whose only memory is her name, while at the same time trying to keep her out of the hands of his former boss and avoiding the supernatural forces which torment the woman and are trying to consume both her and Wyatt.

Next, in Crimson Cage , Wyatt is thrust deeper into a world he barely understands as he must battle through demons and darkness in search of missing children to prevent a travesty. Along the way he will discover two things: his true lineage and something he never knew he was missing. However, there are forces behind the scenes working to destroy Wyatt from the inside out.

The final chapter, Deadly Cage , picks up where book two leaves off. Here we find Wyatt in a one-man war against Hell itself, winner take all. This time he is not fighting for only his life but for those of his family and friends. He is warned the battle against the General of Hell may take his life and is warned not to give into the power within him which struggles to break free. How far will Wyatt go to save those he loves and prevent a war between Heaven and Hell? There are several gaps of time on that Sunday that remain a mystery to historians.

Had events gone differently, might Antietam never have happened? The author worked for thirty-two years at a television network news bureau in Washington and was the Key Editor from DC for the internal news magazine. This is Mr. Daniels first work of fiction. Dirt Lullabies: A voice rises from crack in the floor of a root cellar, but what seductive promises does the entity called M offer to a young man down on his luck? Old Hollow: Fire, bloodshed, and howls in the night. A mountain community is torn asunder by pack of fiends, and it falls to a reclusive hermit to gather the survivors together to make a final stand.

Hearts of Monsters: Four very different monsters gather and respond to a call from a mysterious House in Wyoming. What waits for them there, and what humanity remains in their hearts? Jeremy Megargee has always loved dark fiction. He cut his teeth on R. Learning books for kids written by a kid! Young children will learn a little bit about science while embarking on a beautiful watercolor adventure with Comet. Gage is a fifteen-year-old student at Musselman High School. He is the second of four children and a lover of science.

The Adventure of Comet Series is geared toward children ages and is also a learning tool for teachers to share with their students. Gage makes book presentations to school students and attends local events to market his books. To contact Gage or Comet , visit www. The following will be for sale: Comet Blasts Off! Flowers Unlimited N. Now twenty-nine, Gavin has returned to England, determined to learn what happened all those years ago.

Despite charming his fellow lords and ladies alike, the new duke disregards any notion of nuptials, as his honor first demands resolution—and retribution. Then he meets Lady Elinor Greene. For seven years, renowned beauty Elinor has refused all proposals, fearing marriage would curb her freedom.

But when her family falls on hard times, Nelle must sacrifice herself to save them by marrying a man of means. A wealthy widower seems the logical choice, a passionless union perfect. Until she meets the Duke of Cortleon, and learns one Knight can be legendary. Soon Gavin and Elinor must each decide which quest is worth more: that for honor, or that for love…. Loosely based on the Arthurian legend Gawain and the Green Knight , The Legendary Duke provides adventure, mystery, desire, and betrayal in this satisfying blend of Regency historical romance with a hint of medieval flavor…and Arthurian Easter eggs pop up throughout!

She delights in making readers laugh, cry, and think. Because love matters. Newly obsessed with coffee, she also fangirls over Jane Austen, history, cats, books, and Colin Morgan. When not writing, Margaret adores spending time with her fabulous husband, two fantastic kids, and three funny felines. And chocolate.

Bank Books S. Matthew Howard was born in Martinsburg, West Virginia. He has worked successfully in executive sales, public affairs, and customer service. He served one tour of duty in the US Navy earning an Honorably discharged. For over twenty-five years Matt worked in customer service-related fields, and served as a player and eventual Manager for a semi-pro baseball team. He worked five years for the National Park Service as an Interpretive Park Ranger giving history tours to the public on many topics. During this time, he was also honing his skills as a writer by writing Civil War articles in local newspapers.

In , he worked for the US Govt. He has traveled to 40 countries and has experienced many different cultures. He wrote his first published book in June of based on his experiences and what he would learn after acquiring a Pleistocene Period American Indian Ceremonial site.

Peril - Book 3 (Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series) Peril - Book 3 (Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series)
Peril - Book 3 (Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series) Peril - Book 3 (Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series)
Peril - Book 3 (Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series) Peril - Book 3 (Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series)
Peril - Book 3 (Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series) Peril - Book 3 (Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series)
Peril - Book 3 (Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series) Peril - Book 3 (Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series)
Peril - Book 3 (Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series) Peril - Book 3 (Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series)
Peril - Book 3 (Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series) Peril - Book 3 (Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series)
Peril - Book 3 (Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series) Peril - Book 3 (Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series)

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