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Vampire for Hire Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Moon Shadow , please sign up. Why am I missing back story or characters? Am I supposed to read other stories in-between? If so, I didn't see them listed, only 4. I notice that my reads all share the same glitches. Missed letters and small words that trip up my mental focus and immersion in the storyline. Are all ebooks in Kindle like that? I haven't asked, or complained because I've been scarfing down my ebooks like a starving vamp.

I would like to know what happened to Kingsley after the horrible fight at the castle. Also did Franklin save his Master? Or the other way around? See 2 questions about Moon Shadow…. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order.

I struggled to finish listening to this. I officially cannot take any more of the authors repetition without yelling at the Bluetooth speaker in frustration. Its book 11 for fuck sake. We KnOW her name and that she's a flipping vampire! I wonder if the narrator a skilled narrator - which is probably the only reason I made it this far - well that and that the first bunch were free has also developed homicidal tendencies toward the author.

I still recommend the first 5 or so in this series, espec I struggled to finish listening to this. I still recommend the first 5 or so in this series, especially the ones that are "read and listen for free" with kindle unlimited. But I see very little reason to pay for the later books or the hour long short stories. The rest of the book is darned annoying. Thanks for the many annoying ads, Mr. I call bullshit. Third, the author repetitively repeats, over and over again, events from previous books. OK, now Dr. Frankenstein is done.

Sixth, Samantha is overly comfortable with mind-reading and altering memories.

The Cosmic Computer by H. Beam Piper

The book would make a good drinking game. Apr 21, Nancy rated it really liked it. Fun, fast read! All in all enjoyable read. Some real LOL moments, especially in chapter 38 "Kingsley's tale". J R Rain tends to rehash much of what happened in the previous books in the series.

Having read them all, I find this nothing but padding. He has also become too wordy for my liking. I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I'm a big fan of the Samantha Moon series in general but this one was longer than the usual book in he series.

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I liked that about it as previously I have felt they were too short and over way too soon. Mar 10, Wendy rated it really liked it. I love Samantha Moon. I love her continued exploration of what she is, of other realities, of spirituality, of her children's power. I love Kingsley and Allison and everything about this series. It's just a giant Samantha Moon love fest in my ereader right now. Thank you so very much, Mr.

Rain, for continuing this series. Oct 26, Mary Ellen rated it liked it. There are still all the problems encountered in every other volume, i. Those things can be grudgingly overlooked if the story is compelling enough, but most of the action is only taking place in the last quarter of the book while the first three-quarters are filled with ad nauseam rehashings of every book that has come before!

I find myself wondering what these books would be filled with if the author wrote each story under the assumption that anyone reading a volume with the number 2 or higher after the title is already familiar with the characters and the action thus far! It is frustrating and unfair to those of us who have followed the characters from the beginning to have to sit through a very long primer before we can move forward with a new case and fresh adventures, and it gets longer and more frustrating with each new book!!

I usually finish these books within 24 hours, but this one took a few days because I just kept losing interest. When the story finally moved forward, it had interesting new characters, startling new revelations about characters we already knew, and more Southern CA locations to explore. I may even look up every now and then, wondering if that shadow I saw was a passing odd-shaped cloud or the fast-flying, quickly disappearing glimpse of a dragon from another realm! These books can be a lot of fun to read. I just wish they would jump into the new material right away, and trust that the reader has all the back story they need.

Jul 01, Kat Lebo rated it it was amazing. Moon Shadow, Vampire for Hire 11 by J. Rain One of the "writing rules" I often see is that you must put your favorite characters in jeopardy. Boy, howdy, is that ever a rule Rain takes to heart! As usual, this entry to the Samantha Moon series is chock full of angst, introspection, pop culture references, action, and danger, Will Robinson, danger!

Samantha's friend, Detective Sherbet has recommended her to investigate what might be living in Lake Elsinore in Southern California.

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Her client, Roy Azul, is a businessman who owns and operates a set of lakefront cottages and who believes he has seen some sort of monster swimming just below the surface of the lake. Coinciding with his sightings of this monster is the disappearance of two local boys. Although there is a long history of sightings of something large and odd living in the lake, Azul never really believed it until he saw it for himself.

Can Sam help him discover what he saw? Along the way to that discovery, Sam becomes interested in also finding the two lost boys. What she discovers is almost unbelievable even to Sam.

Her investigation leads her to a whole new and unknown subset of supernatural creature and a mysterious castle sitting along the edge of the lake. Soon she finds herself in mortal danger that she escapes only with the aid of her dragon form, Talos. Determined to get to the bottom of what is going on in Lake Elsinore, she enlists the help of Kingsley and knowledge from Archibald Maximus. She and Kingsley return to the Lake, only to find themselves deep in an age old mythos and, of course, once again in mortal danger. But that isn't the only thing Sam has on her plate.

Her longtime friend and boxing coach, Jacky, is pushing Sam to allow Anthony to train and begin competitive fighting. That's been going on for the last episode or so, but now Jacky is pushing hard for Sam's permission.

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If she tells him the real reasons behind her reluctance, will it change Jacky's relationship with her? Even more important, will it change his relationship with Anthony, for whom he has become a sort of surrogate father since Danny's death? Also, Tammy has entered that fabled and dreaded stage -- the American teenager. At 14, she is testing her limits not only with her mother, but with her burgeoning powers, as well.

Sam begins having a recurring style dream about Tammy; a dream in which Tammy has taken up with the wrong sort of friends, is smoking, drinking and dabbling with drugs, but the worst of the dream is seeing her daughter riding in a car that is broadsided by a big rig. Everyone in the car is killed. As the dream comes again and again, the details become clearer. Sam knows it isn't just a dream, it's a prophecy.

How can she safeguard her child short of locking her up and throwing away the key? What does the future hold for Sam's children? Add to all this, that her best friend, Allison, has shut Sam out of her mind and is avoiding Sam because one of her coven mates, the ghost Millicent, thinks Sam may be a bad influence.

There are many issues and many backstories in this episode. Rain did a bang up job of telling those backstories, such as the relationship of Sam to the first alchemist, Hermes Trismegistus, and how that relationship ties in with her own family and with the boys who have disappeared at Elsinore. He does a wonderful job with the telling of the Frankenstein story by Kingsley, and he does it in a long sort of monologue, with no written dialogue for Sam, yet her sass and attitude is so very evident in Kingsley speech, that you can hear her voice and know exactly the comments she's made.

Reading that was great fun. I had a couple of questions going into this episode: First: What would Sam think of Judge Judy's show being cancelled? Every episode to date has included references to the show and Sam's loyalty to it. Again, Rain handled that with panache, as the very first line of the book is: "I was missing "Judge Judy," and I wasn't happy about it. Rain and Rod Kierkegaard, Jr.

At the end of the story, she is stranded there, with no way back to her own time. Yet, in "Moon Shadow" here she is back in present day. I wondered how that would be handled. And, sigh it is still somewhat of a mystery. Rain handles it by having Sam have flashes of memory of being in the time, but no real memory of it.

She knows something is off, but what? This is mentioned a few times in the first half of the book, but really not mentioned again, so those of us following, I guess will have to wait for the coming of the second Case File, "Blood Moon," to see if Sam's predicament is solved in that episode. There were some discrepancies I noted that stopped my progress in the book hate that! The first is at on my Kindle His guess: the thing was going about sixty knots.

And at , I had to read this several times I'm pretty sure that should have read "Except There were two other places that stopped me, for grammar reasons. But, for the most part, the novel was full of all the fun and exciting things that Rain seems to excel at writing. Enough action to satisfy the largest of adrenaline junkies and lots of insight into Samantha Moon and the world she now inhabits. I suppose I should have knocked a star off for the few negatives I mentioned, but then, if I could have I would have given the book 7 stars, so at 5 stars, there was nothing to knock off. Looks like my might have a lot of J.

Rain reading in it. Oct 24, Anita rated it it was amazing Shelves: urban-fantasy , five-star-favorites , paranormal-mystery , vampires , kindle-unlimited. I read this entire book so far series back-to-back for the last couple weeks, plus quite a few short stories that relate. Free on Kindle Unlimited. It's a great series for a fan of paranormal mystery.

The set up is that a mom in California was changed into a vampire in an attack. Fast forward several years and she's struggling with a failing marriage and raising 2 kids with her day time disability.

As the years progress, her marriage fails, her kids mature, and her relationships with love i I read this entire book so far series back-to-back for the last couple weeks, plus quite a few short stories that relate. The characters are relate-able, there's a little humor, and very entertaining mysteries with interesting treatments of magic. Solidly fun reading! This installment renewed my interest in this series. I had started to lose interest because it was kind of becoming monotonous, but this deviate a little from the monotony.

It is kind of different. Another angle about Dr. He is the antagonist in this book. His products, the monstrosity he created are seen in a new light. After all Sam knows one of them. Yes, I kid you not. I like this one. Borrowed through Kindle Unlimited. This is awesome for me.

I can read all the bo Interesting Holy Guacamole Wow is wow. Another amazing story. I was wondering about a lake monster about what it could be! Wow never thought. And so strange to think the dear Frankenstein was still alive so to speak! I like Franklin a little more now lol. So the premonition of Sam's daughter was a scary one and shown true! Dumb kids. Truth driver heart attack is a real fear for sure, glad he made it as glad the kids did as well and omg Luke.

She saved him to. I love max so far. Its amazing! Where does he come up with all these story lines? This is another excellent cant put it down exciting story from the world of vampire for hire. It is very hard to put it down. Im not sharing any spoilers but again all ends up more or less right in her world of course because thats how she makes it happen.

Jun 22, Vicki rated it it was amazing Shelves: vampire-romance , contemporary-romance , shifter-romance , 5-star-rated-books , action-adventure-romance , werewolf-romance , magic-witches-warlocks , paranormal-romance , fantasy , dragon-shifters. I love this series! Sam is funny and smart. The PI job she is investigating is a monster in a lake and two 12 year old boys are missing. Sam has been having a dream about her daughter Tammy dying. All of these books has so much going on besides just the investigation.

We learn a lot about Sam and the people in her life. Really a great book. Another Marvelous read by JR Rain!!! What a variety of fiction, Well thought out, made to be read with speed and no bumps. This writer has accomplished it all!! You will enjoy!! May 22, Karen-Leigh rated it liked it Shelves: supernatural-paranormal.

I skipped a lot of the in-between books from 4 to 10 and this one filled in a lot of the gaps. Kind of like reading the end to see if you want to read the entire book.

Moon Island: Vampire for Hire, Book 7 (Unabridged)

I can come back to buy next time I want to read this series but right now I have others I have to get to. Another great book I really enjoyed reading this book. Sam faces a new case concerning a lost boy, and new revelations concerning her family. A terror including her bf's butler's maker is included as well. For fans of mystery and paranormal writing, this book is for you.

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Moon Island (Vampire for Hire Book 7) Moon Island (Vampire for Hire Book 7)
Moon Island (Vampire for Hire Book 7) Moon Island (Vampire for Hire Book 7)
Moon Island (Vampire for Hire Book 7) Moon Island (Vampire for Hire Book 7)
Moon Island (Vampire for Hire Book 7) Moon Island (Vampire for Hire Book 7)
Moon Island (Vampire for Hire Book 7) Moon Island (Vampire for Hire Book 7)
Moon Island (Vampire for Hire Book 7) Moon Island (Vampire for Hire Book 7)
Moon Island (Vampire for Hire Book 7) Moon Island (Vampire for Hire Book 7)
Moon Island (Vampire for Hire Book 7) Moon Island (Vampire for Hire Book 7)

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