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Another option is following the path forged by E. But as Emerald Ice learned, even with a track record of sales, books about monster sex are hard to place with an established imprint. I tried a few publishers, and it was the fastest rejection I ever got in my life.

Within two days, it was 'Thank you, no, no, this isn't what we're looking for! Please get this off my computer! We attempted to contact several publishers, asking if they'd ever been offered monster erotica. None of them responded. James, was apparently so opposed to being included in a story about the genre that they responded to requests for comment with "We know nothing about self publishing or erotica.

Xavier, who when not writing smut works as a user-interface designer, has taken a different tack. Rather than argue with Amazon over content guidelines, she's looked for ways to make her books less of a target. Ebooks featuring incest and rape tend to share a singular defining feature: sexually explicit and poorly produced covers.

The way for monster erotica to survive, she thinks, is to "dress it up like fantasy. My plots are depraved. They're definitely not for kids or grandmothers. But I put it in a glossy package, so it doesn't offend anybody who's just searching through Amazon. Her book " Alien Seed " is a perfect example of this strategy. Many monster porn authors employ pen names. Amazon Virginia Wade has a different plan. It's just easier to write in a different genre and avoid the scrutiny. I've already used the love triangle plotline. I've used the amnesia plotline. I've used the heroine-gives-birth-to-the- wrong-baby plotline, where the kid she had with Bigfoot turned out to be white instead of a little baby ape.

I don't know where else I can take the Bigfoot fantasy. I'm out of crazy. I think I might be done.

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She pauses, considering. Give it a proper grand finale. Maybe something with genetically engineered Sasquatches, she thinks. Or just drop an A-bomb on Bigfoot and his love slaves and move on.

FIRST THE RAKE... NOW BIGFOOT!! - Finding Bigfoot #1

Fans of raunchy Bigfoot sex need not fear. He lives in Chicago with his wife and son. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. Mel kept moving, knowing that she was making more noise than was wise but unable to slow down because of the fear clenching her chest. She heard another noise behind her, a stick snapping under something heavy and, unable to stop herself, broke into a stumbling run.

Twigs whipped her face and slapped against her swollen tits, but she forced on. The trees were definitely thinning now, and she thought hopefully of the solid wooden door of her cabin. Forcing her way through the last of the undergrowth she emerged into a clearing and broke into a sprint, running blindly in the dark.

A deep, slow growl issued from the dark trees on her left and she tripped, stumbling over a large rock. Mel lurched back to her feet and kept running, unable to see much in the dark, but she stopped short when she saw the yawning mouth of a large cave right opening before her. Her knees went wobbly under her, but before she could collapse she was picked up roughly and thrown over a broad shoulder and carried into the cave. After a shocked moment she gathered herself and kicked and screamed, beating the broad back under her with her fists with every bit of strength within her.

Whatever was carrying her swiftly deeper and deeper into the cave growled and ripped her off of its shoulder, tossing her onto the dirt floor of the cave. Mel scrambled onto her hands and knees, crawling away until she was caught between the wall of the cave and her assailant. The light cast by the glowing coals of a dying fire illuminated her attacker, looming before her. It stood well over six-feet-tall and was broader at the shoulders than any man. His hands and feet were less furry and fairly human.

He for judging by the enormous cock standing erect between his tree-trunk thighs, the creature was definitely a he approached Mel slowly. She cringed against the wall of the cave, whimpering in fear. Her father had always told here that there were dangerous creatures in the woods, but this?

Science Vs

The creature paused, looking down at her and she wondered if it understood. She shrieked as the Bigfoot grabbed her ankles and dragged her away from the cave wall. It was as thick as her wrist, and a drop of precome glistened at the thick, pink tip. She stared, slightly entranced, but screamed again as the creature got to its knees, straddling her hips. He took no notice, but continued to look down at her, his greedy eyes fixed on her swollen round breasts. Mel noticed for the first time that her tee-shirt was ripped to shreds, exposing almost her entire left tit and a good portion of her belly.

Where the thin cotton was still intact over her right breast, it was soaked with milk leaking from her hard pink nipple.


The creature seemed utterly fascinated. He reached for her chest and in one swift motion tore the remains of her tee-shirt off, exposing her entirely. His huge hands closed around her tits, squeezing them so tightly that she whimpered. He squeezed again and again and she struggling, whining, but his heavy body on top of her ensured that she had no chance of escape.

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In fact, her struggles seemed to be exciting the creature. His cock was pressed against her belly, and every time she moved he pressed against her more firmly, squeezing her tits tighter and tighter. His hands clenched around her tits even more tightly and, to her shame and his excitement, two little spurts of milk shot out of them, landing on her bare belly and streaking his cock. The Bigfoot made a noise low in his throat and squeezed again, his eyes fixed on the warm milk trickling out of her swollen tits.

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She moaned in pain, writhing but completely unable to ignore the thick cock now sliding around on her milk-slick belly. The creature grew even more excited, crouching over her and fixing his mouth around one of her nipples and sucking. Her back arched unwillingly in pleasure as he sucked furiously, still milking her other titty with his hand. He drank from her deeply, thrusting his cock against her wet belly and spraying the milk from her other tit into the air.

Still sucking milk from her, he pressed the round head of his cock against her wet entrance firmly. She bore down on his cock hard, willing him to slide inside of her. He sheathed himself in her warmth in one motion, filling her up like nothing she had ever felt before. Mel screamed, her back arching almost violently as the beast fucked into her, more animal than man as he ravaged her.

She felt his cock stretching her pussy to the brink, and as he thrust into her completely her body contracted around him unwillingly. She gasped, moving under him as she came. Her passion excited the beast, who tore his mouth from her nipple and grabbed her by the waist, flipping her over easily so she was on her hands and knees. He shoved his cock in from behind and Mel screamed again, trying to crawl away from his invading cock. His hands clenched around her breasts, using them like handles as he thrust into her over and over.

His hands squeezed and released, painfully milking her swollen tits onto the cave floor like a cow. This spectacularly silly'n'slapdash soft-core Sasquatch smut really needs to be seen in order to be believed. Gaynor MacLaren's patchy script offers more of a snazzy idea than an actual story: A lonely peeping tom Bigfoot abducts sexy'n'shapely sensuous young hippie honeys from a nearby commune and takes them back to his cave to keep him company. Fortunately, director Roy Naneau inexhaustibly milks the skimpy premise for every last sensationally shameless, leering, voyeuristic girl-watching cheap sleazy thrill he can derive from the laughably ludicrous story, with the picture hitting its jaw-dropping surreal apex during a wacky nightmare sequence showing two luscious stark naked gals having an Old West-style gunslinger showdown!

And frankly who needs an it-would-only-get-in-the-way hokey plot when you got busty'n'lusty Irish redhead hottie supreme Sharon Kelly, the impossibly voluptuous Uschi Digard and the deliciously lissome Sandra Carey peeling off their cloths and happily displaying their delectable unclad bodies with pleasing regularity?

I sure don't. The uproariously inappropriate hip, mellow, finger-snapping cocktail lounge score takes the viewer straight to aural groovesville while the ratty, scratchy photography further spices up the film's fantastically lurid'n'loopy sense of blithely unapologetic degeneracy and the maladroitly jumping back and forth fragmented narrative eschews continuity in favor of a peculiarly becoming "what the hell's going on here?

And the Bigfoot itself is a splendidly sickly, shabby, shambling gasser to behold: With its fat, putty-nosed face, mangy black coat, large white teeth, and gigantic, muscular behemoth build, the hirsute Polish Mongoloid lecher resembles a last place loser participant from a tenth-rate kindergarten Halloween costume party contest. A so-terrible-it's-quite-tasty cinecheese hoot. Possibly the worst film ever made, if you are looking for any cinematic quality, whether it be direction or editing or continuity or acting, you will not find it here.

The film is a take on Bigfoot but the monster here is a man in a gorilla suit that is terrible even by Halloween standards. He kidnaps young women and takes them to his cave but for what purpose we never find out - nothing happens and the girls just disappear from the film.

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Of course in any monster film we have got to have nudity and some lesbianism and on those counts the film delivers. A nice scene in which two cuties undress and climb into bed is OK.

Milked By Bigfoot by Jess Green

There are also some hippy campers who seem to have found some hidden loot which a couple of crooks are after is some sort of diversion but overall the film is just awful. There is a 71 minute R-rated version and an 84 minute Unrated version together with Hollywood Babylon available on a single disc from Retromedia Entertainment but unless you are into terrible films, then give this one a miss.

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  8. After a two minute introduction to the Bigfoot mythos that seems like it could have been plucked out of "Legend of Boggy Creek", we first meet the shag carpeted, snaggle-toothed creature himself. Seems that this particular Bigfoot is quite the peeping tom. Spying on them until they get into various stages of undress then whisking them away to his secret cave for later use. Because even ample nudity can't save this turd. My Grade: D-.

    Monster erotica

    This soft core romp has plenty of both as a lonely Yeti stalks the woods kidnapping beautiful women and taking them back to his cage. He's in luck as some hippies and a couple other ladies one played by Swedish bombshell Uschi Digard come to stay for the weekend so he has plenty to pick from. I love Yeti movies but this here is one of the wackiest out there even though it contains absolutely no plot. I'm still not quite sure why the Yeti here was taking the women to begin with as he never does anything with them except throw them in his cave and we never find out what happens to any of them.

    As far as soft core flicks go this one here is pretty good but at only minutes there's not too much going on and that includes everything with our hairy friend Mr. I'm still not sure what the point of throwing him in here was for because we really don't get enough of him and when we do see him he's usually just carrying the women around. The main reason to watch this film is just for the nudity and some really bad sex scenes including one of the most hilarious "make out" sessions I've seen from any movie.

    This here takes place inside a car and you certainly won't forget it due to how stupid it is. Eegah Guy 20 December A very ragged-looking voyeuristic Bigfoot kidnaps girls to keep in his cave for no apparent reason whatsoever. Enter two girls vacationing at a cabin one of whom is Ushi Digard who can barely speak English who meet up with a small group of hippies. Soon they're all attacked by some bad guys looking for their stash until Bigfoot shows up.

    There is one bizarre dream sequence of a showdown between two girls wearing only gun belts and boots. Recommended only to liberal-minded Bigfoot completists only. Coventry 1 July Well of course it could be true! Stuff like this happens all the time! Not a week goes by or I read something in the papers about lewd and nakedly parading around wenches getting abducted in the woods by Sasquatch himself!

    It's Big-foot meeting Big-boobs, as Russ Meyer regular Uschi Digard with her lovely Scandinavian accent and her even lovelier triple-D balcony and her friend drive up to a remote cabin in the woods where a big and perverted guy in an ape suit resides. In earlier sequences we already witnessed how he collects scarcely dressed girls and stores them in a cave without even sexually harassing them.

    Milked By Bigfoot (Bigfoot Sex Book 1) Milked By Bigfoot (Bigfoot Sex Book 1)
    Milked By Bigfoot (Bigfoot Sex Book 1) Milked By Bigfoot (Bigfoot Sex Book 1)
    Milked By Bigfoot (Bigfoot Sex Book 1) Milked By Bigfoot (Bigfoot Sex Book 1)
    Milked By Bigfoot (Bigfoot Sex Book 1) Milked By Bigfoot (Bigfoot Sex Book 1)
    Milked By Bigfoot (Bigfoot Sex Book 1) Milked By Bigfoot (Bigfoot Sex Book 1)

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