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The Story in the Bible

Hunted to Hopeful: Mary’s Story

We took her temperature which was on the low side and then I grabbed the pulse oximeter that I have for when my 2 boys are having asthma flares. My husband put her in his truck and took her to the emergency room. Her blood glucose was and they suspected she had diabetes. They took her back quickly and began treating her. While talking to my husband, he was telling me that they were intubating her to help her breathe. Neither one of us knew how serious her condition actually was. A short time after, I talked to my husband again and he told me that she was gone.

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I was in shock. I was in disbelief. How could this be!?

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Not my little girl. I never dreamed of what that gala ticket would provide me access to. My family had owned the land in Texas for years. My father was an avid hunter and, on a whim, traveled overseas to buy his own place to retire with endless acres to fine tune his hobby.

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    here Mary Shelley.

    Marys Story Marys Story
    Marys Story Marys Story
    Marys Story Marys Story
    Marys Story Marys Story
    Marys Story Marys Story

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