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This rare combination of scholarly knowledge and personal wisdom gives a unique cast to the subject.

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He has gleaned important truths about God from an intensive study of Scripture for many decades. This book not only articulates some of the greatest truths about the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It also goes on to map in concrete ways what these great truths mean for those who live in the world and deal with ordinary, everyday trials. The book is a fine balance of abstract principle and practical wisdom. The book is rich in example, application, and personal narrative. Listening to His Heartbeat is not only an introduction to the character of God, it is also a wonderfully concise introduction to the Old Testament.

It delivers on its promise to reveal complex and challenging aspects to the character of our Creator.

The Heart of God is saturated with scripture. But the book is not one-sided. The alert preacher will find in many of these excellent sermon starters or outlines. The book gives inspiring insight into the heart of God and is therefore well worth reading.

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Cecil May Jr. Professor of Bible and Dean, V. Through his preaching and writing, he helped shape my understanding of scripture, church, and compassionate ministry. I have now had the genuine blessing of getting to know Dr. Shank just a little bit better. These first-hand glimpses into his heart have also drawn me closer to our Father in heaven. In Listening to His Heartbeat, Harold has given me that same kind of first-hand glimpse into the heart of God, again drawing me closer to our Father. This journey through the Bible traces key threads, or trajectories, which resurface time and again in scripture.

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Each theme gives us a better understanding of what moves our Lord, of what is truly on His heart. As we explore these themes we learn to listen to His heartbeat and we cannot help but be transformed ourselves.

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Even the hints we get from Scripture at best are the edges. I am thankful for scholars and others that come along and help me see past the edges. Shank does this in Listening to His Heartbeat. This book is an easy personal read, and will be a great Bible school resource and small group home Bible study resource.

A complete bibliography of his nearly published articles and chapters appears at www. Additionally, Shank serves as Book Review Editor of the Christian Chronicle, a national religious newspaper with a circulation of , Since he has served as National Spokesperson for Christian Childcare. He and his wife, Sally Jane, have two children, Daniel and Nathan.

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Listen to His Heartbeat

For example, listening to slower tempo results in lower arousal and subjective states of positive or calm emotional states. When someone is lying down, they are likely to be at their most relaxed, and so their heartbeat is naturally going to fall. If you have a friend whose heartbeat is slower than yours, just touching your fingertips to their pulse point can also have a calming effect.

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Listen To HIS Heartbeat Listen To HIS Heartbeat
Listen To HIS Heartbeat Listen To HIS Heartbeat
Listen To HIS Heartbeat Listen To HIS Heartbeat
Listen To HIS Heartbeat Listen To HIS Heartbeat
Listen To HIS Heartbeat Listen To HIS Heartbeat
Listen To HIS Heartbeat Listen To HIS Heartbeat

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