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On the other hand, if you are ambitious, love new challenges, and want to leave your mark on the world — read on.

It is extremely rewarding to make a difference — even a small difference. Otherwise why else even be here? The fastest way to progress is to know exactly what you want and to relentlessly pursue it. Take some time to reflect. What is the most exciting thing you can influence that will have significant and positive impact?

It is invigorating and exciting to stretch ourselves. Think about what you want to achieve in terms of zones: it's comfortable too easy , it's stretching just right , or it makes you panic too hard. High standards generate great work. They transform ordinary to extraordinary.

To achieve extraordinary, ask yourself:. The intersection between your natural strengths and your company's needs are where you will have the greatest impact. Make sure your work leverages your strengths and adds value for your company. Focus is much easier when you create space for good energy and flow. Flow describes those rare moments when we are so connected to our work that time and distractions cease to be.

We do great work effortlessly. Clear your time. Clear your mind. Let go. Be in the moment.


This topic is about much more than delivering exceptional work. It's also about showing up to work every day as your best self.

There is a excellent model, called Red and Green see next page , that captures the essence of what it means to be a positive force. It's a huge help when striving to be your very best. In the long term , Be Your Best provides a framework for consistently being our best and achieving much more in the things that matter most. Imagine a world where your thoughts, motives, emotions and actions are positive, productive, and constructive. Now imagine the opposite.

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One way to describe these two worlds is as colors:. Red and Green is an excellent model for being a positive force. Green is a shorthand for what to strive for as a positive force within your company and within the world as a whole. And Red quickly becomes something to recognize and avoid. Which would you rather be? It's much easier to be your best when you are surrounded by positive influences.

Strive to surround yourself with people that you admire and respect. People that are smart, ambitious, energetic, and positive. People with attitudes, skills, and beliefs that you want to emulate. Simply put — surround yourself with people that will help you be your best.

At the same time, steer far clear of negative influences. No need to confront them — simply step away. Just as it's much easier for you to be your best when you are surrounded by positive influences, it is much easier for your team to be their best when you pour in lots of positive and constructive energy. It's amazing how a single person can lift an entire team by consistently being positive, constructive, and energetic. It creates an environment where the improbable becomes probable and the nearly impossible becomes possible.

Or let it rust in the driveway? Not likely. Yet so many of us do exactly that to ourselves.

What It Really Means To Be Your Own Best Friend

To be your best, take in great fuel through nutrition, rest and exercise. Take care of yourself in whatever way works best for you. When striving for excellence it is important to recognize that it stops well short of perfection. Don't confuse the two. Excellence adds value at every step. Perfection limits our ability to progress.

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    Be Your Best Be Your Best
    Be Your Best Be Your Best
    Be Your Best Be Your Best
    Be Your Best Be Your Best
    Be Your Best Be Your Best

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