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The screws located in the upper portion of the bin are used to even the pile of MSW as it enters. A drag chain system in the bin floor is used to push the RDF into a group of rotating teeth. The speed of the drag chain can be manipulated to control the evacuation rate. The teeth have a fluffing effect making the waste more uniform and more easily transported. Inverted bin with dual travelling screw discharge. Flow problems encountered in MSW storage and retrieval.

Rectangular bin with screws and doffing rolls. Two screws in the bottom are used for discharge. The speed can be regulated to control the rate of discharge. Bin with vertical and horizontal discharge screws. Experience: Table 12 lists the types of storage and retrieval systems in use or planned. Louis, Missouri, an inverted bin with screw discharge was used. Results have been termed as satisfactory. Some bridging occurred, but it was not considered significant.

The problem was corrected by adding stiffeners to the outer wall surfaces. Also, the origi- nal motor was not large enough, and the screws were unable to turn, due to the high frictional forces of the material. A larger torque motor solved this problem. The designer claims that all the bin structure is useful storage space; controlled feeding is easily accomplished; the inward sloping walls prevent bridging; the power usage is minimal; and the motors used supply greater torque action. Presently, no performance data are available. However, performance data are not yet available on this type of bin.

The vertical screws must rotate when the bin is being charged or discharged. However, no performance data are available l44 The pitch of the screw in all screw discharge mechanisms has a direct effect on a discharge performance. Dust Controls Function : The function of a dust control system is to minimize the re- lease into the atmosphere of dust created by MSW processing. Dust comes from two basic sources: the raw MSW itself ash, fines, fibrous material, etc. The air spirals down the vessel and returns to the outlet at the top in the reverse manner.

This creates centrifugal forces which power the particles to the outside of the vessel. Gravity then causes the dust to fall. Cyclone efficiency is dependent on airflow, velocity, pressure, the diameter and the length of the cone. Principle of a cyclone separator. The struc- ture may be either circular, as shown in Figure 50, or rectangular, as shown in Figure The dust laden air enters the housing near the bottom, where heavy particles fall out immediately.

The air then flows upward and passes through the filter bags, with dust adhering to the outsides of the stream jetted in the reverse direction through the bags. One type of wet du co ol is a scrubber dust collector, which is il- lustrated in Figure Circular Baghouse. Wet scrubber dust collector. Liquid is injected near the top of the vessel in a fine mist, which collects the dust particles. At the bottom of the cylinder, a concentric tube extends several centimerts into the vessel.

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The air leaves via the inner tube and the dusty water leaves by the outer cylinder. Another MSW wet dust control is to moisten the waste suf- ficiently to prevent a dust problem; e. Louis, Missouri, pilot plan is an outdoor operation, and the dust problem has not been obvious. However, it has been found that there is a significant amount of particulate emissions from the processing equipment. At Ames, Iowa, the system is housed in a build- ing, and the dust problem is significant.

Louis, Missouri Cyclones 2ai. All of these bag houses use reverse airstreams to allow cleaning of the bags without shutting down the entire system. Presently, how- ever, there is no performance data available. It is known that the efficiency is af- fected by the shape of the bag. Water sprays might also have adverse effects on the equipment e. Data on the efficiency of these wet dust control systems are not available. Description : Thus far, the information obtained concerning electrical controls is sketchy and Incomplete. Discussions with MSW plant designers indicate that the electrical control systems are custom designed installations for each plant and vary widely in degree of sophistication.

Those designers who have taken a minimal approach rely on simple, more manual types of instrumentation and control. Other plants, such as Baltimore County, Maryland, have highly automated control systems. Closed circuit television is used in some instances to monitor operations that are not readily accessible or are dangerous for personnel. Two-way ra- dio communication systems are also being utilized. At some plants, visual monitoring of the refuse flow is done from a glass-enclosed control booth where the operator has a good view of the unloading activities and other parts of the plant. Baltimore County, Maryland , has a control system which uses a computer for testing and control functions.

The system was developed by the plant designer. Data from various pieces of equipment e. The computer will also activate shutdown procedures. Akno G ppI. Baltimore County, Maryland, control panel. At the Charleston, West Virginia , plant a minimal approach has been taken in regard to controls and instrumentation. Also, there have been numerous ad- ditions and modifications to the original electrical equipment. A small control panel, shown in Figure 53, is in front of each operator and rotates with the booth. The upper portion of the panel has indicator lights showing the operational condition of the equipment listed.

The lower left portion has the push pit controls; the bottom center and bottom left are controls for the input conveyor and shredder. These two pieces of equip- ment can be controlled manually or automatically. A key lock can be activated so the system is not mistakenly started e. The center of the panel has indicator lights for fire and operating mode, buttons to activate emergency equipment, and buttons to start and stop the grappling crane. This crane, used to remove unshreddables from the input stream, is controlled by the operators via levers on the side of the control panel the transfer bridge controllers in the receiving area.

The rest of the plant is monitored by closed circuit television. From this control booth, the operator can control the conveyors and the shredder. The operator signals the driver to proceed or to stay at the scale area until he is released to go into the plant. There are three separate motor control centers at the El Cajon installa- tion.

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The primary shredder operates on 2. Except for the primary shredder and one gas compressor operating in 2, volts, most of the rest of the plant operates on volts. The designer of the City of Baltimore, Maryland , installation considers much of the information on the control system proprietary. The electrical control system is their own design.

Closed circuit television cameras are used to monitor some operations, like shredders and other areas that are dan- gerous and not readily accessible. The primary speed is controlled by the amperage on the primary shredder. The operator has an override, and if there is a problem he can manually effect a stop. Fire and Explosion Protection Background : MRI has learned of several incidents of explosions and fires in municipal solid waste plants.

In addition, all of the shredder manufacturers contacted had expressed concern over the possibility of explosions occurring when mixed municipal waste enters the shredder. The research conducted to date indicates that fires in the shredding phase of the system are the rule rather than the exception. When the hot metal falls into the shredded mate- rial, a smoldering type of fire can easily develop. One opinion expressed by a plant designer was that the small smoldering type of fire is usually handled best by simply locating the source of fire, pulling It out and spray- ing it with a water hose.

An additional consideration in regard to fire hazard is that many of the conveyors are of rubber construction. There have been instances of con- veyor belts catching fire. There have also been reports of fires in other areas besides the shredder area; e. Solid waste shredding plants are vulnerable to explosions because of the presence in the refuse stream of such items as gasoline cans, propane tanks, dynamite, TNT, gunpowder, and live ordinance.

In assessing explosions and explosion protection, it is important to differentiate between deflagrations and detonations. The overpressurization in a deflagration occurs over a time interval on the order of 0. The local overpressurization in a detonation occurs instantaneously via shockwave--the burning takes place at a flame speed above the velocity of sound in the unburned medium. Most protective measures, discussed later in this section, are effec- tive for deflagrations but cannot provide much protection for detonations.

The major protection measures for detonations are blast-resistant construc- tion and the isolation of personnel and expensive equipment. The exact conditions under which a dust explosion will occur in a ref- use shredder are apparently not known. However, when dust particles are small enough to be classified as powder particle size less than 1 millimeter , a spark, hot spot, or other ignition source can ignite the dust cloud.

Dust explosion hazard appears to be minimal for those shredders that are deliver- ing a product of at least a few centimeters in size. Although the risk factor appears low for dust explosions in the shredder itself, dust does represent a hazard in other parts of the plant. Also, dust explosions would be more likely in size reduction operations where a fine powder refuse-derived fuel is being produced. When combusti- ble dust and flammable gas or vapor are present at the same time in the shred- der they can be explosive.

Unfortunately, even small quantities of gas can combine with an accumulation of fine, combustible dust to form an explosible, hybrid mixture. Manual screening and segretation of incoming refuse. Isolation of personnel especially near shredder. Barricades or blast mats near the shredder to protect personnel and valuable equipment from penetration by fragments from explosions. Explosion venting. Continuous water spray in the shredder 6. Automatic water sprinklers for conveyors.

Automatic water sprinklers for building. Water hoses. Explosion suppression systems. Fire suppression systems. Dust control systems. In addition to the above measures, the following have been suggested as some additional protection techniques. An emergency water spray system which would inject water into the shredder before ignition, which would be activated by a flammable gas detec- tor installed in the shredder.

If steam is generated at the plant, the steam can be injected into the shredder instead of a water spray. Dry powder extinguishing agents, such as those presently utilized in suppression systems in Germany. Some of these protection meansures are described in the following sec- tions. Screening and Segregation of Incoming Refuse : Some plant designers stress maximum front-end separation to divert hazardous materials. The presorting of incoming municipal waste is handled in several ways.

In some cases, the individuals making pickups on the route are instructed not to load anything onto the truck that appears to be a dangerous material. Generally, when trucks arrive at the plant, they dump onto an unloading floor. The man operating the front-end loader is instructed to look for and segregate any hazardous items. The operator in the control room, through visual inspection of the incoming material on the conveyor as it moves to the shredder, also tries to sort out hazardous items.

However, due to the wide assortment of hazardous items and the large shredding stream capacities involved, it is virtually impossible to completely eliminate all hazardous material from entering the shredders. Explosion Venting : Explosion venting refers to vent doors, blow off hatches, rupture discs, etc. The basic principle of explosion venting is that the maximum pres- sure developed in a deflagration can be reduced if the gases are allowed to escape from the confining structure before the combustion process is complete.

To be effective, the vent area and its location in respect to the ignition source must be designed to allow the gases to escape before damaging pressure develops. In addition, the ducting used to channel the gases out of the build- ing must be designed to prevent the recompression of gases on the way out. Large discrepancies exist between the venting recommendations of the various designers and manufacturers. There is a need for explosion venting tests so that more accurate guidelines can be developed for equipment as com- plicated in shape and content as a refuse shredder.

Continuous Water Spray in Shredder : A continuous water spray is used in some refuse and automobile shredders to control dust. A fine water spray or mist has also been found to provide explosion protection. The water vapor in the shredder serves as an inerting agent. A vapor concentration of about 30 volume percent or higher will extinguish or prevent a methane-air flame. In addition the suspended water droplets are effective as a quenching medium for flame. Small, closely-spaced drops are more effective than large droplets in quenching flame.

Explosion Suppression System : Explosion suppression systems are report- edly effective for gas and dust explosions. If a suitable extinguishing agent is injected quickly enough after ignition, the explosion can be prevented. In practice, these detection devices activate extinguishing agents which are stored in pressurized containers through explosive discharge. Explosion suppression system extinguishing agents most commonly used in the United States are the halogenated hydrocarbons halons.

Chemical ex- tinguishing powders such as ammonium phosphate and sodium bicarbonate are favored in Germany. Although experience with explosion suppression has been limited at MSW plants, the number of damaging explosions in automobile fragmentizers has reportedly been reduced considerable after installing and properly maintain- ing suppression systems.

Included in the survey were the three most common types of refuse shredders; horizontal-shaft harnmermills, vertical hanimermills and grinders. The FMRC survey revealed that refuse shredder explosions are a widespread problem at municipal solid waste shredding plants--of the 45 MSW shredding plants included in the survey, 34 or 76 percent have experienced at least one explosion. A total of 97 explosions were documented in which some damage occurred, or which required special explosion protection measures to avoid damage. One plant experienced 14 explosions in a 3-year period.

Shredder explosions are numerous, but the damage and injury potential is usually limited, due to the structural integrity of the shredder. Only 3 of the 97 explosions documented resulted in personal injury and those three involved personnel in the immediate vicinity of the shred- der. Plant damage was usually to peripheral equipment such as conveyors or ducts, which are not as sturdy as shredders.

Of the 41 expLosions surveyed where a probable cause could be identi- fied, 30 incidents 73 percent were caused by common flammable gases ,or va- pors--gasoline, propane, paint, thinner. Commercial or military explosives such as dynamite or gunpowder were responsible for 11 27 percent of the explosions. Protection measures that can reduce the frequency and severity of explosions include: manual screening of incoming refuse; continuous water spray within the shredder effective against flammable vapor and dust explo- sions as well as fires ; explosion venting, when properly designed; pressure- activated explosion suppression systems using Halon agent, when pressure transducers are carefully maintained to prevent dirt accumulation; and dry powder extinguishing agent effective against dust explosions.

Explosion venting in most of the existing shredders is inefficient. Vents on shredders are often too small, and too remote from the ignition loca- tion or too heavy to relieve overpressure. Vent ducts for venting gas out of the shredder building are often missing or not adequate to prevent recoin- pression of the gases. Some plants have modified their vents after the first explosions in order to improve the venting configurations.

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The Ames, Iowa plant has experiences one shredder explosion and one fire to date. The explosion, caused by shortgun shells, was very small and damage was minimal. The first was started by gasoline; again damage was not appre- ciable. A water spray system and venting are the two preventive measures in- stalled.

Since staring operation, the Baltimore, Maryland , plant has experiences one shredder explosion, one conveyor fire, and one fire in the storage bin. The shredder explosion appeared to be a detonation type of explosion and could have been caused by dynamite. The conveyor fire was quenched by the sprinkler system and there was no damage. The storage bin fire started spontaneously and the fire department was called to extinguish the fire.

The following protection methods and equipment are employed at the Bal- timore City plant, according to information furnished by the designer. There is a sprinkler system in the receiving building and sprinkler systems for all conveyors. Should a fire occur, sensors would activate springlers to im- mediately flood the entire system with water. Each of the two shredders are housed in individual buildings so that an explosion In one shredder will not effect the other shredder.

Personnel are not allowed in these buildings when the shredders are operating. Both shredders have explosion supppressjon systems and relief ducts. The roof is vented to help eliminate dust. However, specific data on explosions at this plant are not available. East Bridgewater has a completely sprinkled building water.

Much of the quipment has explosion relief doors. Congress opens investigative hearings, while venal politicians of every stripe, scratch and claw for advantage, with an eye on the upcoming Presidential election.

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Sorry folks. And hey! They all lie all the time. And nowhere is this illustrated better than in a thrilling new spy yarn in which a trusted ally and friend becomes a deadly enemy. Which, in this case is Iran, where crowds routinely chant: Death to America and Death to Israel, with depressing regularity. But her strong Jewish faith, which has instilled in her a desire to try and make the world a better place, compel her to do otherwise.

Thus begins a game of hide-and-seek-to-destroy that begins in Washington state and culminates in Washington, D. False Flag is so eerily prescient and electrifying that readers of all ages and sizes will find it hard to put down. False Flag is bound to become a classic among spy novels! Chiclet, along with a group of tattooed, machete-wielding MSbangers, controls access to a rusty, ancient steam train called La Bestia: The Beast.

Chiclet and his gang are there for the sole purpose of fleecing the illegal refugees and migrants headed north through Mexico, hoping to cling to the tops, sides and platforms of the wheezing old steamer long enough to cross into El Norte. The United States of America. The two cases coverage, and the volatile American investigator teams up with the wary Mexican journalist to track down a massacre survivor and witness with an explosive secret that conceals a conspiracy reaching around the world. The hunt leads from the barrio to the boardroom, where the intrepid pair find the lines between mobsters and moguls has blurred, as the unlikely partners fight forces that can easily crush them.

Rip Crew is one of the most intense thrillers of the year. Simply put: we all have our own inner demons, and each of us decides every day whether to be good or bad. The antiheros are, in the MBRs opinion, the most dramatic, and therefore the most interesting of all literary characters. This week brings us one of the absolute best baddies with a good streak the MBR has ever seen.

His name is Isaiah Coleridge. But Isaiah barely gets unpacked before running afoul of Vitale Knight, a made member of The Chicago Outfit, and therefore untouchable without permission from all the Dons. After a short hospital stay, a still recuperating Isaiah Coleridge is hustled away in secrecy, to a farm just outside of Kingston, New York, high up in the Hudson River Valley, and within easy reach of the New York City Mob.

Flight of the Fox Mysterious Book Report No by John Dwaine McKenna An electrifying, propulsive and timely thriller was just released that, by all rights, should shoot to the top of every bestseller list in the country. If ever an author stepped up to the plate, took a swing, hit it right on the sweet spot and out of the park. The novel begins in Bethel, New York.

As he watches the hummingbirds at their feeder and reminisces, a strange, baseball-sized mini-drone flies up and tries to kill him. Perhaps you could have some fun decoding it. And so begins the innocent math professors terrifying run for his life, as teams of FBI hitmen try to stop any publication of the explosive file that their superiors have been hunting for more than fifty years.

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It begins when Laura Horton returns from grad school in North Carolina to Middletown, New York; the place where she was born and raised. Angie, Miller tells Laura, has moved out, and relocated to Tampa, Florida. Miller and Laura come to an agreement of sorts, she can stay. Laura tries her best to comply, but their relationship gets more and more strained, as strange, weird and unexplainable events start to happen on a regular basis.

But Laura sees her too, in this vivid, suspenseful and romance-filled novel from the award-winning pen of one of the hottest romance and supernatural fiction writers in the country. When we find one, we do our best to alert all of you, so that together, we can read and enjoy the writer and character as they grow. Under Water, Kensington Publishing Corp. Then, his father disgraced the family by committing financial fraud and going to prison. At age twenty, Duck gets busted with a couple of pounds of weed and goes away for a couple years for possession with intent to distribute.

Once he gets paroled, he becomes a high-functioning alcoholic and pill-popper, who makes his living by finding things. Now, more than a decade later, the mother of his old teammate contacts Duck to hire him to find her missing daughter, Madeline. The search soon turns deadly. Duck is attacked and nearly beaten to death as the case sucks him ever-deeper into the morass of Olympic swimming, where lies and violence lie just below the surface, and every one of the competitors will do whatever it takes to gain the edge. It is a mighty accomplishment, and Ms. Nickless is the most deserving of recipients.

Her work is nothing less than epic. Six months have gone by since the showdown and shootout with a violent gang of thugs that left Sydney Rose and Clyde physically and emotionally scarred, and barely able to continue in her job as a Special Agent for the Denver Pacific Continental Railroad.

While the police and FBI search for clues, Sydney tries to find the location of an obsolete railroad crossing number that was written on the wall of an abandoned property—next to a pair of dead bodies—just before the whole thing was blown sky-high by booby-trapped explosives. The key to it all may be held by a retired DPC Special Agent with a history of cruelty, viciousness and criminality.

Are the cases related? Maybe not. Barbara Nickless is fast attracting legions of fans all over the world. Horace lives on a remote sheep ranch outside of Tonopah, Nevada with Mr. Reese, the elderly couple who took him in as a young boy, and raised him when he was abandoned by his own family. Back in Nevada, Mr. At opposite ends of the age spectrum, both men are trying to do the impossible.

Richie dreams of getting out. Out of the gang. Out of his nowhere life. And out of New Bedford, where his mother—his only living relative—is slowly killing herself with booze and heroin. So, Richie agrees when Aldo proposes the heist. This novel transcends time and space. It drops the reader smack dab into the hottest summer imaginable, at the point of no return for the young protagonists in this dark, dark noir thriller that made the MBR an instant fan of the work of Greg F.

Sunburn Mysterious Book Report No. Polly and Adam meet in a bar in the small inland town of Belleville, Delaware. Polly has a past: seedy, criminal and heartbreaking. Adam on the other hand, has a much shorter backstory. As the summer wears on, the lovers get more and more involved with each other, until the sudden, violent death of a co-worker.

4-6, Unit Seven, Activity 4: "Carbon Cycle Capers"

Will the star-crossed pair survive as a couple or will their deceits and personal failings catch up with them in the end. The pace is relentless, while the suspense and psychological twists just keep on coming in this thriller from the hand of one of the most esteemed writers working in America today, and a great way to start your summer reading! The accolades, superlatives and awards directed at him keep piling up at an astonishing rate; making him one of the hottest new novelists; one that all thriller enthusiasts will want to be acquainted with. Ten years have passed since Johnny Merrimon came home from prison and made the discovery that upended life in the small North Carolina town where he was born and raised.

The case was so sensational that books have been written about it and news people of all disciplines around the world have beleaguered him day and night, looking for additional gossip to add to the astonishing story. Shunning all publicity, Johnny has taken up residence in the middle of a six-thousand acre swamp known as Hush Arbor.

Johnny Merrimon however, is broke. He ekes out a subsistence living from the land, and his only hope at trial is Jack Cross, a boyhood friend with a newly minted law degree, who specializes in tax law. The other side is backed by a hedge fund billionaire who wants the land for a private hunting preserve where trophy animals thrive in profusion. The Hush, however, is a notoriously strange place.

The local folk avoid it. All of which only adds to the legend of Johnny Merrimon. Has he made a deal with the Devil. The only way to find out, is to read this thrilling novel for yourself and you, like the MBR, will be all in for the works of John Hart, the only writer to ever win the coveted Edgar Award in back-to-back, consecutive years.

The Irish and Brits call them nutters. It takes a masterful writer however, to look into that kind of a heart of darkness and create artful entertainment from such bleak material. He was at the top of his profession fifteen years ago when a personal indiscretion resulted in an attempted murder and suicide. It meant the death of his business partner and college best friend. Ike, having found satisfaction as a bomb disposal expert with the Albany, New York Police Department, has put the past behind, moved on with his life and kept his marriage intact. But that peace is based on lies.

Lies which threaten to come to the surface when he and his family become the targets of a brilliant psychopath with a PhD in Super Nano-Thermite Explosives. It lets us see what the newbie cop is experiencing, and thinking, in an emotionally charged thrill ride that starts in the first chapter and runs through the last page.

Make no mistake however, Green Sun stands entirely on its own. The Oakland streets are boiling hot under the summer sun. He works alone, without backup on an understaffed, poorly managed, outnumbered, badly-equipped, inefficient, brutal and outwardly racist police force, where truth be told, the cops are scared to death of the public they serve. Hanson, who gave himself up for dead in Viet Nam, has long since made his peace with it and goes unafraid, where angels fear to tread, using respect, common sense and compassion instead of brute force to do his job.

In a downward spiral, he meets an outspoken beauty named Libya and her irrepressive nephew Weegee, while at the same time, forming a dangerous friendship with Felix Maxwell, the biggest druglord in Oakland, based on their shared values of honor and fair play. Read it and see for yourself, why Green Sun is drawing rave reviews from everyone. Publishers Weekly puts it in the top ten mysteries and thrillers for Spring, but the MBR puts it in the top three. That is what faces protagonist Gary Foster in this devilishly-twisted plot that puts an ordinary man into an impossible situation.

In a city with no industry, no jobs and no hope, Gary and Beth Fosters lives are looking up. They are expecting a son in a few months and are overjoyed by the prospect of finally starting a family. Then comes the phone call no one ever wants to get, Beth has collapsed. She has a brain tumor, cancerous. Desperate, they try raising the cash through appeals to friends and a go-fund-me page on the internet. Exhausted, afraid and running out of hope, Gary gets a mysterious phone call and an astonishing offer. What would you do in his place? Read the book and find the answers in this nail-biter of domestic suspense.

He entertains, enlightens and thrills his readers. While at the same time, he makes them think. He began with a character named Easy Rawlins, a s-era black PI in Los Angeles, continued with another detective named Leonid McGill and also wrote twenty-five standalones, seven non-fiction titles, and even a play.

The woman claims he was set up, forced into a kill-or-be-killed predicament by some crooked cops. By doing so, he hopes to free the inmate and reinstate himself with the NYPD. Defectors Mysterious Book Report No. It was the height of the Cold War, when American foreign policy was engrossed in preventing the spread of communism, and the US and USSR battled each other at every opportunity short of actual combat.

It was when we had the arms race, the space race and spy versus spy as the two colossal governments competed for world domination while all of us little folks waited around for the nuclear bombs to start falling. Frank, the older one, was a rising star in the newly-formed Central Intelligence Agency until he was exposed as a communist spy, defected behind the Iron Curtain in and disappeared in the Soviet Union.

He longs to see his older sibling and wants the profits that the book is certain to gather, but worries that it will be full of lies, half-truths and propaganda. At first, Frank is charming and social, eager for news of family, friends and the agency he turned his back on. Defectors is a thought-provoking, timely, well-researched and enlightening novel that compares well to our modern conflicted world.

Or Not, in which case the non-profit stores and neighborhood churches always need stuff to sell. The wickeder the villain, the more courageous the protagonist will appear to be, because conflict creates drama, and it is the following sequence of events. Now, one of Americas most psychologically astute thriller writers has come up with a novel that covers all of the above, and then some.

When a bomb call is made in the first chapter of the novel, the LAPD responds to the threat, which soon evolves at 27, feet per second into a world-class tragedy. The heroes name is Dick Stahl. The good news is that the two concourses are connected airside, and walking between them takes just a few minutes.

This place is potentially a gem. Capers Market exterior PDX. Capers Market bar PDX. Capers Market coffee bar PDX. Capers Market seating PDX. Capers Market view PDX. Yes, anything. Capers Market selection PDX. Capers Market selection Portland Airport. Capers Market ice cream Portland Airport. Capers Market meats Portland Airport. Capers Market beer selection PDX. Capers Market wine selection Portland Airport.

What we bought at Capers Market. The food was unremarkable and average for an airport. The real gem here is being able to get a bottle of wine or two to go. Keep in mind you can come here on arrival or departure. Portland locals are especially lucky, as you can basically do some grocery shopping here on landing. Capers Market PDX bill. The number of Priority Pass members has increased greatly the past couple of years, since now there are quite a few credit cards with lounge access.

If you want access to Priority Pass lounges, the following premium credit cards come with memberships:. The following links will direct you to the rates and fees for mentioned American Express Cards.

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Icelandair used to have a unique value proposition, as they transported passengers between the US and Western Europe via their hub in Iceland. Best of all, you can even plan a free stopover in Iceland when booking a roundtrip ticket, which is a great…. After an unforgettable six days on safari, it was time to visit Cape Town for a few days.

From there we flew Comair from Johannesburg to Cape Town. I only briefly covered the game drive portion of our safari experience, and in this post wanted to talk about that…. We were so sad to leave Singita Boulders after an incredible three days, though the fun wasn't over, as we were then headed to Singita Lebombo, considered by many to be the "flagship" Singita property. As mentioned in the previous installment, Singita…. Spoiler alert: Singita Boulders is my favorite hotel experience ever, and I'm not sure how I'm ever expected to go back to Amans.

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When we were trying to decide…. As I mentioned in the previous post, Federal Air is one of the airlines that specializes in offering flights to safari camps in South Africa.

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